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Primal Appetite - The Hellfire Club, #1

Lady Danielle Hampton was trapped in a life she did not want. She longed for the freedom of the servants to do things her religious father would never permit. For years she has heard the tales of the Hellfire Club, envisioning herself in th...


Sacred Eden - This story is set in the Horde Wars universe.

Obsidian loved his wife Cady like he has never loved another being in his life, except maybe their son Armand.  The passion between the two warriors are hot and fierce, a match destined to be.  With no contact with any of the Daem...

5 Stars

Lion Eyes

Something was attacking women in Liddy Freeman's town, with suspicion on the lion's Liddy watches over in The Hanover Wild Animal Sanctuary.  But Liddy knows none of her lion's could be responsible for these attacks...


There are 253 results matching your search criteria.