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Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes is a sweet little short story perfect for the season. I love a good whirlwind romance, and this is definitely that. The story will make you smile and maybe even shed a tear or two. Readers get adorable characters and the me...

4 Stars

Forever Winter

It’s 1834, and Susanna Lorican is one stressed out bride. She wakes the morning of her wedding to a vicious snow storm, and the day only gets worse with an injured reverend, wedding gown issues, and a horrid brother in law harassing her. Bu...

4 Stars

Come Full Circle

Bethany Minor has returned home for her mother’s funeral. She fled the town of her birth 15 years earlier when she was dumped at the alter by her first love, Dane Brennan. She has no choice but to face Dane as his family’s funeral home is h...

5 Stars

Strange Disappearance

A shop assistant vanishes—could her replacement be next? After the disappearance of Hattie Gynn from a shop at a local strip mall, Vanessa Ward is moved into Hattie’s job at Colettes, a chain store selling inexpensive jewelry. Vanessa is im...

4 Stars

The Heart of the Hunter

In a case of mistaken identity Kansas Smith is left for dead in the Florida everglades. By sheer luck and chance she is discovered and rescued by Barret Atkins, a police detective, who is recovering from his own near death experience. He st...

5 Stars

The Good Sister

Ryanne Myers traded her lonely, stifling life in Mount Pleasant fifteen years ago for a fun, exciting life as a corsetry artist in Europe. A phone call from her estranged sister informing Ryanne that their mother has passed away, and a dema...

5 Stars

Back to You Collection

BACK TO YOU is actually the first novel in Natalie-Nicole Bates’ Unity based stories (Change of Address was released first for some reason). BACK TO YOU is a remarkable little gem that will resonate strongly with second wives or for those g...

5 Stars

Remember the Stars

Forget Heaven and Hell…Be very worried about what might wait in between! Leah Rhodes awakens bruised and battered in a gutter outside of the Moreland Funeral Home. She remembers being at her surprise birthday party one minute, and in the gu...

5 Stars

Ghost of Her Dreams

Jordana survived her nasty divorce from a nasty man with a little help from her “celebrity crush” model Grady Timmins. The fantasy of Grady helped her cope, and she is grateful for the distraction, albeit it imaginary. Then the unthinkable...


Fatal Affair

Kurt is looking to spice up his mundane life. Trapped in a loveless marriage to a neglectful wife, he stays only because of his fragile child. Kurt believes he’s found the perfect solution to his boredom when he meets Beth, a 1940’s enthusi...

4 Stars

Change of Address

After the recent death of beloved friend Morgan Parnell, Josselyn Adler receives news that she has just inherited his home in the picturesque town of Unity. But trouble ensues almost immediately when Morgan’s son Ben turns up and announces...

5 Stars

Figure in the Fog

As Vicky Allen strolls the Lions Gate Bridge one foggy night, a figure emerges in the fog. Vicky is immediately attracted to the handsome naval officer, Anderson Ford, and a hot affair soon begins. As their relationship intensifies, Vicky’s...

4 Stars
  • Author: Karen Lewis
  • Review by: CateyBlair
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Under 45k Words, * Romantic Suspense, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Tree Press

See Me

Since she was a little girl, Charlotte Anders knew she was special—she just didn’t know why. It’s 1896 as the story opens, and all Charlotte wants is to become a funeral director like her father. A tragic fire at a lumber mill changes Charl...

5 Stars

Antique Charming

Third generation funeral director Lizzie Morton has just purchased the long abandoned Nichols Funeral Home. Soon after moving in to the upstairs flat, a late night knock at the door signals the arrival of a man claiming to be Adam Nichols,...

5 Stars

Cupcakes and Cupids - Valentine Love Stories

It all began because of the cupcakes… It’s Valentine’s Day, and Analeigh Russell is about to embark on the most import job of her life. Her new cupcakery, Let Them Eat Cake, has been contracted to provide cupcakes for an elegant wedding rec...

5 Stars

There are 65 results matching your search criteria.