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A Prescription for Love - The Oklahoma Lovers Series

“A Prescription for Love” by Callie Hutton did not start out to be one of my favorite stories. I am not particularly in tune with novels about weak women and I was sure this book would be that. Heidi Lester runs away from her overprotective...

4 Stars

A Pirate's Ransom

This book was a bit of a surprise. I liked Catherine and Edmund but neither seemed very believable. Catherine was far too calm for a her precarious position and Drake too debonair. There is some action when Catherine is taken by Blackbeard...



This charming debut novel is an enjoyable modern tale of a woman who unfortunately faces an unexpected crisis in her marriage. The beautiful lyrical imagery evokes the alluring experience of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and offers a stark...


Broken Prophecy - Heirs of Aeden, #1

An Broken Prophecy is an enchanting Urban Fantasy tale that might upset some people. Angels, demons, and vampires work together on the “same” side. They are the heroes in this tale along with some humans, shape shifters and other beings. Th...

5 Stars

Pool of Crimson - The Blushing Death #1

Pool of Crimson is the start of an urban fantasy series that will have you hooked from the beginning till the end! I cannot wait to see what happens to Dahlia and her two love interests. I am leaning more towards Patrick, a vampire, but I a...


The Marker

The Marker manages to be both sweet and sexy at the same time. It starts off with an unsavory bargain between two men with questionable honor and quickly turns into a contest of wills between two people inextricably drawn to each other. I'l...


Secrets of Jenkins Bridge

This is one of those novels that are a rare find. It has tons of romance, as well as edge of your seat action and suspense. Secrets of Jenkins Bridge starts off fast and never once slows down. Long lost loves, broken hearts, abductions, mur...


A Wife by Christmas

This is a short story that tells a pretty good tale. I liked Ellie and I liked Max and so I was ready to read about their intertwined lives. I read the story of Ellie's Aunt Tori and Uncle Jesse and enjoyed it. I think I liked this one even...


A Run for Love

I thought I would really like this book because I always enjoy books from earlier times in America. However, I am a visual reader. By that, I mean that I like to visualize the characters' surroundings in my head as I read. I was unable to d...

3 Stars

Mystic Ink

What do you get when a bunch of Gods with bad attitudes, their children with God complexes, and various metaphysical beings get tangled up in a plot to destroy humanity? A rocking, hilarious, fantastic adventure of friendship, love, and all...


The Secrets on Forest Bend

Adam Campbell is a homicide detective who’s stumbled across a connection to two seemingly unrelated cases. The use of a WWII firearm. As Adam traces its history, he meets Jillian Whitmeyer and learns that it has left a haunting legacy; it w...


Prince Charming, Inc.

I have to start out by saying I loved this book.absolutely loved it! The characters were wonderful. The story was wonderful and the ending was wonderful as well. Elyse uses her matchmaking skills to attempt to get enough money to pay off th...


There are 112 results matching your search criteria.