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Surrender Love - CALTHRACA:

The Heart-stirring characters of Calthraca: Surrender Love make this book a page-turner. Adama is snatched from her family and husband, Kesim, by her first husband, Tengri, who she thought was dead. Of course, the question is will good, Kes...


Shadow Of The Wolf

Saleene is a magical being sent out by her council to rid the world of the evil that has spread across the land. As she is on her search she comes across interesting and helpful people, one of which foretells her future to meet up with a gr...

3 Stars

Faery Special Romances

Faery Special Romances is a collection of ten wonderful fairy stories. Kelly is your guide through the whole book. She stars in each story as a special girl who helps people find love. She helps both the fey and humans. Some stories are abo...

4 Stars

There are 4,853 results matching your search criteria.