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Bribes, Blackmail and Bondage

One unguarded moment changes Amanda’s life.  Caught in the act, so to speak, with a young client accused of murder, Amanda finds herself being blackmailed into performing sexually by a deputy.  But it’s not all unwilli...

4 Stars

Hot For Teacher

Tessa Marshall, a divorced high school teacher, reluctantly decides to take up her older sister, Marla, on the offer to go out to celebrate Tessa’s 40th birthday. They decide to go to Cloudy’s nightclub to have some fun. While h...

5 Stars

Megan's Choice - Novella

Megan's Choice is a whole new concept in romance writing. It takes the idea of a romance book and blends in reader interaction. As the reader gets into the story of Megan Malone the reader gets choices on how to proceed. Should Megan&hellip...


The Disciplinarian - From - Secrets, Volume 15 ---- Victorian

It’s really a pity this is a short – I would have loved to have this novel length, as I was very intrigued as to Jared’s self-imposed duties. It would have been great to have some more tidbits relating to his life before C...


There are 54 results matching your search criteria.