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Protector Mine

Larissa the heroine of "Protector Mine" is kind of strong in her own way and hard working. Dante is cool and a good protector to Larissa. He's also tough and fights well but is tender and kind toward Larissa and her family. Their relationsh...

4 Stars

A Sordid Situation

Eugenia Wareham finds herself in a position no woman in her era wants to be…a widow, penniless, and about to be thrown out of her home. When Eugenia’s departed husband leaves her destitute, she finds she will now have to deal w...


Dance Like Nobody's Watching

This is a short read, but definitely worth it. Ty is a hot, talented ballroom dancer and Sherrie is a shy, costume designer. Right from their first meeting the sparks fly. Since the book is a quick read, there is not a lot of focus on the s...


The Vessel - The Kingdom, #1

One of the best fantasy/magical books I have read this year!   Abigail is introduced into the world of magic and mages when she falls in love becoming Derek’s Vessel, his mate. What seems perfect on the outside holds danger, secr...


Marcella's Awakening

Marcella's life changes during her eighteenth year of life. Sex and something dark and delicious invades her soul. From that moment on, Marcella's path in life is to resurrect that fateful day. Along the way, she finds out that life has mor...


Bad Girl

Kealea enjoys taking pleasure in life while living it to the fullest, but the one thing she wants the most is about to slip through her hands. Is she strong enough to grasp the love she desires or will she let it slip away from her for good...


There are 706 results matching your search criteria.