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In Appreciation of Their Cox

If you want titillating erotic action with eight guys plesauring one girl, then this is the story. Great choregography of the characters. Fabulous descriptions of the action. My only complaint was more than half of the story was a long wind...

4 Stars

Catcalling Catherine

Keeping a definite line between her private and professional lives is mandatory for Catherine. Working her way up the ranks in her law firm has required she be circumspect and almost asexual. No way will anyone ever accuse her of sleeping h...

  • Author: Cheryl Dragon
  • Review by: Chris
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Erotica, * SPICY: Multiple Partners
  • Publisher:

His Intimate Submission

Anne Douglas has provided readers a story of a strong and loving relationship with "His Intimate Submission". Jason and Lucy have complete trust in each other, so much that Jason is finally able to express his need to submit sexually. Lucy...

4 Stars

The Velvet Choker

Disturbing......I now know what Paranormal Horror Romance is...Disturbing. In Selena Kitt's novel, "The Velvet Choker," Lydia gets a cleaning job in Mr. Kauffman's home. Mr. Kauffman just happens to be a collector of beautiful thi...


Passion : Erotic Romance for Women

Passion:  Erotic Romance for Women is a collection of sensual short stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel which celebrate joyful intimacy between couples.  The themes range from long-married couples celebrating their familiarity...


Dirty Thirty

Evan is turning thirty and is getting a present he has always wanted; a night with a man in charge of his sexual pleasure. He may look a little scary with his Mohawk and tattoos, but he’s got a submissive streak that is begging to be let ou...

4 Stars

Inside Sanctuary - Book 3 in the Power and Pain series.

We left Stephen six months ago after an encounter with a human. Learning his lesson, he’s decided to return to Sanctuary when he can no longer stand being celibate. When he encounters Mary, a clan member, they share a vision, which to Steph...


Outside Sanctuary - Book 2 in the Power and Pain series

Part of a race of people who need pain with their sex and share emotion amongst themselves to monitor and control the severity of their sex acts, Stephen is a young man rebelling against the authority of the clan. Breaking away for a sojour...

3 Stars

Southern Comfort

Scarlett has had her eyes on Michael for a while, pretty much since they went back to South Carolina with the Marines. Although she comes across as an uptight Marine, there is definitely a hunger that is held within her. Finally tonight, Tu...

4 Stars

Orgasmic : Erotica for Women

Orgasmic , edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, is a series of stories about achieving sexual satisfaction, whether alone or with a partner.  25 sizzling hot short stories explore the use of toys and gadgets such as a very special chair or...


The Ride

Oh my.......twisted is all I can come up with for Selena Kitt's book, "The Ride."  I was reading along, minding my own business trying to figure out how the story was going to evolve. I got knocked up the side of the head by...


Apocalypse Sex - Love at the End of the World

Apocalypse Sex is a great collection of stories and each is very unique. It also definitely got juices flowing. If you are a reader who likes things a bit different, not your run of the mill apocalyps story, but something different, hot and...


Alice's Sexual Adventure in Wonderland

Ora le Brocq’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s Sexual Adventures in Wonderland is not for the faint of heart. While the preliminary story line is essentially the same, Alice still falls down the rabbit hole, still...



What does a girl do when her truck breaks down at night in the middle of nowhere? Just what Natalie does, starts walking toward the only spot of light in the darkness. What she comes upon is a bar. But no, it is not your typical hangout. It...


Ruin Me

Saved from a possible rape, Robin can’t forget the man who went to prison for her. Patrick was a stranger but put it all on the line for her six years ago, and paid for it by being railroaded since the assailant was related to th...


Erotic Exposure

When Liz Bellamy is asked to pose for a sexy calendar for the animal shelter where she volunteers, she is happy to say yes. After all, the calendar is for a great cause and she will be posing with her chocolate lab, Godiva. When Liz shows u...

5 Stars

Good Cop, Bad Girl

Good Cop, Bad Girl is a hot quick read that is not to be missed. WOW! Paige Tyler hits the nail on the head with this one. Julie Hanson is celebrating her 30th birthday with a group of friends when a cop shows up in response to her neighbor...

4 Stars


Noblesword by Katalina Leon follows Gwen Bel Geddes along her journey of rediscovery as she recovers from the disillusionment of having her marriage dissolve after her daughter leaves home for college. Gwen feels betrayed by her husband Jef...


Freedom in Chains

I had high expectations for Freedom in Chains, but was disappointed with the lack of character depth, pacing and environment. The story had too many pointless encounters and extra dialogue. I was hoping for a better relationship between Kyr...

2 Stars

There are 169 results matching your search criteria.