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Rating: DNF Dust was a great idea, had great potential for a plot, and had great characters. But all I was reading were run-on sentences, fragments, and comma splices. Although I understand that writing novels allows for more creativity and...

2 Stars

MEG: Hell's Aquarium - The fourth book in the Meg series

Hell's Aquarium takes place a few years after Angel's escape and the return from the Marianas Trench. Five young shark offspring are getting too large for the tanks they are housed in. So Jonas Taylor makes a deal with a Dubai businessman t...


Ancestral Reunions

Miranda Aldridge, a violinist and college student, is flabbergasted to learn she’s inherited a vast fortune, including a castle and a private jet from her Uncle. The odd thing is, she didn’t know the man existed. When she realiz...

4 Stars

A Catch in Time

In one moment a global blackout occurs, and six billion humans become unconscious. During a brief yet seemingly eternal three-minute sequence, a series of catastrophic events occurs, and minds collide with truths hidden beyond the phys...

3 Stars

A Reaper's Tale

Mal doesn't act anything like the Grim Reapers we are so accustomed to reading about and seeing in movies. He's actually similar to the Grim Reaper portrayed in an episode of the TV show Married...With Children , in that he talks to the peo...

4 Stars

Autobiography of a Worm

After breaking up with a woman who he was convinced was his perfect match, Ronnie Churchill is thrown into a deep sense of depression. To ward off this bleakness, he throws himself into his work at a publishing company, eventually taking a...

3 Stars

Xombies : Apocalypticon

In Xombies: Apocalypticon, we meet a band of stranded humans living in a submarine after civilization was asphyxiated by blue-skinned devils. When Agent X came about, it infected first women then moved on to men and as it quickly...


Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies

Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies is certainly true to its name.  Both highly interesting animals have their own stories attached to them, though I found I enjoyed the Killer Bunnies one (BunRabs by Donald J. Bingle) the more entertai...

4 Stars

There are 158 results matching your search criteria.