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Dream Ring

Vanessa and Nick were an older couple looking for an engagement ring at a local jewelry store that specifically had a layaway plan. You see they were barely getting by month-to-month. They both met when they picked up side jobs driving rent...

3 Stars

Dressage Cowboy

Jessica was about to be part of an exhibition, but she had no idea that she was going to be the only dressage rider among all the jumpers, hunters and western type riders. While practicing on Olga, her Hanoverian mare, Jessica hadn't realiz...

3 Stars

Eight Minutes

Lynn entered The Pearl Street Brewery and headed up to the second floor to attend her first "Eight Minute" dating session. She was filled with such apprehension because not only was this her first time trying something like this, but also s...

4 Stars

Hope, Love, And Treats

Mandy Long was having a talk with her young son, Wiley, before school on Halloween morning. He wanted so desperately to dress up for Halloween as Jack Sparrow. He wanted to go treat-or-treating just like the other kids, but because of his M...


There are 654 results matching your search criteria.