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Sleeping With The Past

Nathaniel is a detective with a 22 year old daughter and a lifetime of hiding from his true nature. Asher is his daughter's boss and mentor. The first time the two men meet, they are attracted to one another, but Nathaniel hides his attract...


Ravished - Contemporary Romance, Menage a Trois, Fantasy Games

Sylvia has been married to John for 10 years. They have been planning a romantic getaway for 3 months. While waiting at the airport, ticked in hand, John calls and says he can't make it. It's the last straw for Sylvia, and she informs her h...


Crave - The Seduction of Snow White

Do you believe in happily ever after? Beth was in a hiding from her past existence. She was now a penitent woman, living in a remote area of Pennsylvania, being a Goodmaid. Ten years she has denied her bodies needs, desires. Stephen is an u...

5 Stars

Heat of the Night - Dream Guardians, Book 2

The story is great, but as with all of Sylvia Day's books, the romance is what is really the focus. I like her alpha males, albeit a little rough around the edges. That's what makes her books such a great getaway. There is a plot in Twiligh...


There are 304 results matching your search criteria.