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You Cannoli Die Once - #1

Former dancer Eve Angelotta is now head chef at her family's Northern Italian restaurant, Miracolo. Although the menu touts mouthwatering risotto alla milanese and veal saltimbocca, Maria Pia, who just so happens to be Eve's grandmother, st...

5 Stars

You Cannoli Die Once - #1

This laugh out loud tale combines a murder mystery with an entertaining picture of an Italian restaurant and its larger-than-life staff. The gradual unfolding of clues combined with the delicious glimpses of the flamboyant characters that s...

  • Author: Shelley Costa
  • Review by: ELF
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Cozy Mystery, Suspense: Mystery, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Pocket Books

A Dangerous Harbor - Pilgrim's Progress, #1

This is an engaging, well-written mystery with characters that took up residence in my imagination; moving in with all their baggage and quirks. I found them incredibly difficult to dislodge even several days after I had finished reading th...


A Hard Death - Edward Jenner, #1

There must be something about Florida’s sizzling and humid climate because here’s another forensic thriller set in the state. Expecting to find a pretty tranquil assignment in an upscale resort community, Douglas County “stand-in” medical e...

4 Stars

A Charming Crime - Magical Cures Mystery, #1

June Heal had her father die when she was young, her quirky mother pass away recently and now the building when she creates homeopathic remedies to sell at the local flea market has blown up. When June is invited to set up shop in neighbori...

3 Stars

Golden Chariot - Dark Waters Book 1

Hoping to prove her theory, nautical archeologist, Charlotte Dashiell, uses questionable connections to become part of a team recovering expensive artifacts from a ship sunk off the coast of Turkey. When a man guarding the site is murdered,...

5 Stars

There are 156 results matching your search criteria.