• On May 17, 2014, Tamazon said: Sweet Ending

    Thank you all for joining us for this years 2014 Spring Fling Web Scavenger hunt for readers. We have around 300 readers complete the hunt and most finished all the stops. That's a huge accomplishment with 59 stops.

    Thanks also to all of this years sponsors. Without you these hunts wouldn't happen or have such gorgeous prizes.

    See you all for the Summer Fun 2014 Hunt. That stars on Jun 15th and ends on Aug 31st.

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  • On May 16, 2014, Kathy Church said: TBR

    I added several to my TBR list. Probably read Blue Balls and Push Up Bras first. Just love the title!!

  • On May 15, 2014, anita said: Additions....

    to my TBR list include Venice in the Moonlight, Her Uniform Cowboy, A Broken Promise, Storm Bound, Taming a Gentleman Spy, and Changing Times. Thanks so much for the Scavenger Hunt!

  • On May 15, 2014, bette said: Must read

    my must read from the hunt is Donna Michaels Her Uniform Cowboy

  • On May 15, 2014, Tina B said: TBR

    I have added some to my TBR and saw a few that were already on it. :)

    I really enjoy these hunts! Fabulous way to find new to me authors. Thank you NightOwl and authors!

  • On May 15, 2014, Jbst said: Spring Fling

    Several caught my eye. I guess it would be Awakening the Fire by Ally Shield.

  • On May 15, 2014, Bereza said: Too many to pick just one "Have To Read"

    I definitely added several to my wish list and will be reading a few for sure. The romantic one I have to read is Men and Martinis by Delancey Stewart.

  • On May 15, 2014, Martha said: Spring Fling Hunt

    Found lots of great books:

    Donna Michaels - Her Uniform Cowboy

    Mandy Harbin - Blue Balls and Push-up Bras

    Beth Yarnell - Dyed and Gone

    Tonya Burrows - Honor Reclaimed

    Joan Swan - Sinful Seconds

    Skye Jordan - Rebel

    J. D. Faver - Bad Vibes

  • On May 14, 2014, Shadow said: Wow! Fantastic reads!

    Thank you for the amazing hunt and for sharing all these fantastic books! Ive read some of them and there are others i cant wait to pick up! Tall, Dark and Alpha Boxed Set & Her Perfect Mate are two i cant wait to get my hands on! :) Thank you!!!

  • On May 14, 2014, ELF said: So many great titles...

    hard to choose just one! I liked the blurbs for Tall, Dark and Alpha and I still want to read Vexing Voss. Thanks for the great Hunt!

  • On May 13, 2014, belgre said: Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

    I was hooked on Honor Reclaimed by Tonya Burrows. This book contains all the elements I love to read, romance, a hot military guy, suspense, a stubborn headstrong woman, and the HEA! What more could you ask for? Tonya is one of my new finds on this hunt.

  • On May 12, 2014, jeannietone said: Loved all the new books

    Love the scavenger hunt as it allows me to find new books and authors... Love it

  • On May 12, 2014, MaryAD said: Must read from the hunt

    The Ghosts of Aquinnah sounds mysterious and creepy good!

  • On May 12, 2014, Robin said: contest

    Have found so many new authors to check out.

  • On May 12, 2014, Tara W said: Spring Fling- Can't Wait To Read

    If I had to choose just one book, I would pick Wars's Passion by Lia Davis.

    I also really want to read:

    Storm Bound by Dani Harper

    Fury of Desire by Coreene Callahan

    Awakening the Fire by Ally Shields

    Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler

    Good Intentions by D.N. Simmons

  • On May 12, 2014, chmorgan said: Alpha

    So many good books, so little time. My must read is the Tall, Dark and Alpha set.

  • On May 12, 2014, kumquat said: Great Selection

    Many books added to my TBR.Blue Balls and Push-Up Bras sounds like a fun series to read.

  • On May 12, 2014, AshleyAnne said: my must read from the hunt

    My must read from the hunt is the tall, dark and alpha set!

  • On May 11, 2014, vickestolte said: Found some great new reads!!

    The Alpha boxed set or the Matchmaker series sound great as well as many others thanks for all the new great reads to add to my tbr :)

  • On May 11, 2014, PamCraig said: Must Read

    The Legacy of Buchanan's Crossing by Rhea Rhodan

  • On May 09, 2014, Sable said: Must Read

    My must read is Storm Bound by Dani Harper.

  • On May 09, 2014, Tamazon said: bncandg

    Get Vexing Voss. Gail Koger is my go to author for hilarious romances that are also sexy and the pace moves along at a good clip.

  • On May 09, 2014, bncandg said: re:

    Gail Koger - Vexing Voss

  • On May 07, 2014, MsRomanticReads said: Romantic suspense junkie

    I'm on a romantic suspense kick, so I'm vying for Nina Pierce and Robin Perini. And any PNR involving Greek mythology gets my vote, so I'm looking forward to discovering Lia Davis. But this entire selection sounds wonderful and there are so many new to me authors on there. Thank you for another funtastic scavenger hunt.

  • On May 06, 2014, Bmhy said: Spring Fling

    What a great selection of books! Lisa Kessler's Beg Me to Slay and Viola Ryan's The Mark of Abel are on my TBR list. Thanks for sponsoring this fantastic scavenger hunt.

  • On May 05, 2014, Diana Coyle said: Great new reads!

    There's so many new reads to choose from that it's tough picking which one to start with!

  • On May 05, 2014, Petroleena said: This contest Rocks

    It was so fun to try and find the answers to the questions and fill in the blanks. I have my fingers crossed I'll win somethings since the long holidays are coming up and I being the bibliophile I am would love to have and read an entire library of books before I start university.

  • On May 04, 2014, greenshamrock said: Must read

    Oooh so many great sounding books....Lisa Kessler's and Tara Lain's are at the top of my list!

  • On May 02, 2014, AugustBaby said: Spring Fling

    Another great list - and many authors to add to my TBR stack!!

  • On May 01, 2014, ArlenaDean said: Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt 2014

    I saw three novels that caught my attention: Finding Hope by Krystal Shannon, Taming a Gentleman Spy by Maggie Andersen and Cost of Happiness by Magdalen Braden all sound like good reads.

  • On Apr 29, 2014, princesslissa said: New Author

    Can't wait to read Mandy Harbin's Blue Balls and Push-Up Bras.

  • On Apr 29, 2014, fireandicebites said: Want To Read From Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

    I so so so want to read, Tall, Dark and Alpha Boxed Set by Sam Cheever. Looks so so so GOOD!!!

  • On Apr 29, 2014, skyeblue said: Spring Fling

    There are some really great books here. Would love to read S. Jordan's book Rebel and R. Mason's book.

  • On Apr 27, 2014, Monica said: Spring Fling

    Some fun books here!

    Mandy Harbin's Blue Balls and Push-Up Bras - what a great title!

  • On Apr 27, 2014, katlynn said: katlynn love these Scavenger Hunts

    i have find a couple of authors to read

    Sam Cheever- Tall, Dark and Alpha

    Dani Harper -Storm Bound

    Gail Koger-Vexing Voss

  • On Apr 26, 2014, taurus said: Book list

    TBR list has new additions - first one I want to read is Dani Harper's Storm Bound.

  • On Apr 22, 2014, ktalley said: Great Authors

    I found some great new reads

  • On Apr 20, 2014, Ingeborg said: Spring Fling

    I would like to read The Cost of Happiness by Magdalen Braden

  • On Apr 20, 2014, AquarianDancer said: I love Hunts!

    These are the books I'm looking forward to from the hunt:

    STORM BOUND by Dani Harper, Sinful Seconds Anthology, Rebel by Skye Jordan, The Pack or the Panther by Tara Lain, Lisa Kessler’s Beg Me to Slay.

  • On Apr 19, 2014, dakorty said: Must read

    It was hard to decide but the most one I want to read is "Sinners' Opera".

  • On Apr 19, 2014, brookeblogs said: Spring Fling Contest

    I most want to read Destined Magic. Hard to decide on just one to read, they all sound wonderful! Blue Balls and Push Up Bras sounds great too!

  • On Apr 17, 2014, Tamazon said: Great Boxed Set

    For Brandi - Do read Tall, Dark and Alpha. It was one of my favorite sets of 2014.

  • On Apr 16, 2014, Brandi said: My Must Read

    I really want to read the Tall, Dark and Alpha Boxed Set that Sam Cheever has a book in :) I love alpha males!!

  • On Apr 16, 2014, Ashley E said: Spring Fling!

    I definitely need to read some Tara Lain. The Pack and the Panther sounds great!

  • On Apr 16, 2014, griffinsgma said: Spring Fling Contest

    More new authors to try! Doing this contest gives me a chance to read blurbs about new books/authors--can never have too many books!

  • On Apr 15, 2014, SteelerGirl said: Spring Fling Contest

    Love doing these contests. Gives me a chance to discover authors I would not have heard of. I saw a couple of authors I am going to try, Jacqueline Rhoades, Magdalen Braden, Leah Braemel, Constance Phillips, Kyla Harmon and Donna Michaels.

  • On Apr 14, 2014, VidaB said: New Author Alert

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. They was so many new authors that I'm not sure when I will ever finish my TBR pile. The ones I will bump to the top are Skye Jordan, Joan Swan, Donna Michaels, Mandy Harbin, Krystal Shannan and Lexi Post.

  • On Apr 14, 2014, shalyramirez said: New Reading Material

    I love these Hunts because they provide so many new authors to add to my list of new authors, two new authors I will definitely be reading from this hunt will be Dani Harper and Mandy Harbin.

  • On Apr 14, 2014, MinDaf said: They all sound good

    They all sound so good I can't pick just one :) I've read a few of them already & they were awesome :)

  • On Apr 13, 2014, BookAttict said: My TBR list just got a LOT longer ...

    I'm really looking forward to reading Storm Bound by Dani Harper, Fury of Desire by Coreene Callahan, The Mark of Abel by Viola Ryan, Honor Reclaimed by Tonya Burrows, A Broken Promise by Kyla Harmon and so many others!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  • On Apr 12, 2014, french vanilla said: Must read

    Her Uniform Cowboy by Donna Michaels is my must read. Along with a whole lot of other ones. Once again, this is another great scavenger hunt with a lot of great books and new to me authors. Can't wait to check them out.

  • On Apr 11, 2014, LadyWolf said: Have to read!

    I have to read Storm Bound by Dani Harper. I loved the first book in the Grimm series and I'm looking forward to this next one!

  • On Apr 09, 2014, Tamazon said: Do Read

    I loved Destined Magic by Caryn Moya Block!

  • On Apr 08, 2014, darkand said: Krystal Shannan

    Looks like I've found a new series to try out - Krystal Shannan's Pool of Souls series sounds great!

  • On Apr 08, 2014, JeanMP said: My Must Read

    I am looking forward to reading "Passion of Sleepy Hollow" by Lexi Post

  • On Apr 08, 2014, Karla Eakin said: My must read from the list

    Destined Magic by Caryn Moya Block..I love that she's trying to save her is all we have sometimes

  • On Apr 07, 2014, SandyH said: so many new authors!

    have added a bunch of these to my already-very-lengthy TBR list !

  • On Apr 07, 2014, katz said: Must Read

    My must read from the hunt is Taming A Gentleman Spy by Maggi Andersen.

  • On Apr 06, 2014, Donna A said: So many new "to me" books

    The thing I love best about this contest is that it introduces me to new "to me" authors and books in different genres. I can't choose just one.

  • On Apr 05, 2014, byrnemanis said: Too many to choose from!

    Once again a whole new list of titles to add to my wishlist. Thank you for a fun contest.

  • On Apr 04, 2014, Tamazon said: Set

    The Tall Dark and Alpha Box Set is one of the best sets I have read in a while. It's awesome and a great price.

  • On Apr 04, 2014, pansypetal said: So many to choose from

    That being said, I added the following to my tbr list:

    Mark of Able by Viola Ryan

    High Concept by Whitley Gray

    Captured by the Pirate Laird by Amy Jarecki

    The Unmasking by Adriana Kraft

    Sinner's Opera by Linda Nightingale

    A Broken Promise by Kayla Harmon

    Not too bad, only six out of How many. But then I already have and read:

    Tall Dark and Alpha Box Set with Sam Cheever

    Fury of Desire by Coreene Callahan

    I love these hunts. I see old friends and meet new ones. Thank you for putting this together. It is amazing!

  • On Apr 03, 2014, Tamazon said: Awesome!

    Thanks for participating in the hunt! We've already had over 50 completed entries in just two days. Most readers are completing all the basket stops.

  • On Apr 03, 2014, DrRob said: Spring Fling Must Reads!

    Two absolute must reads for me are "Mike's Way Back" by Amy Gregory, and "Changing Times" by Jacqueline Rhoades...fabulous reviews on both! and new authors for me to sample :)

  • On Apr 02, 2014, MarcyWho said: TOO MANY CHOICES!

    Dyed and Gone - Beth Yarnall, any book of Skye Jordan, Venice in Moonlight by Elizabeth McKenna (LUV HER!) , definately gettin the Ladd series by Dianne Vennetta and just so many more, my heart and kindle overfloweth!!

  • On Apr 02, 2014, Wanda said: Must Read

    I am anxiously waiting to read Storm Bound by Dani Harper. Loved the first book.

  • On Apr 02, 2014, msdebms said: My must read

    I think my must read is Finding Hope by Krystal Shannon. I just hope he gets his foot out of his mouth long enough to get the girl!

  • On Apr 02, 2014, Calila said: Must Reads

    Can't wait to read High Concept and Pack & The Panther!

  • On Apr 02, 2014, biancale said: Taming a Gentleman

    I love romantic novels that has suspense.

  • On Apr 02, 2014, Suzy said: Knight of Runes

    Ruth Casie' Knight of Runes sounds like my kind of book.

  • On Apr 02, 2014, Sylvie said: My Must Reads!

    I love anything about the Paranormal, so my must reads are Mark of Abel by Viola Ryan, The Ghosts of Aquinnah by Julie Flanders, and The Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post. Thanks so much!

  • On Apr 02, 2014, AnemicOak said: Must read

    Paige Tyler's Her Perfect Mate sounds right up my alley.

  • On Apr 01, 2014, AngieW said: My must read

    My must read from the hunt is Passion of Sleepy Hallow. Already have a few like Storm Bound and Fury of Desire on my tbr list.

  • On Apr 01, 2014, Angieia said: A must read

    The Mark of Abel by Viola Ryan.

  • On Apr 01, 2014, wickedwolvesanddreamingdragons said: Must read from the hunt...

    My must read from the hunt is The Pack and the panther by Tara Lain! I am really looking forward to devouring this one!

  • On Apr 01, 2014, adaffern said: Must Read

    A Broken Promise by Kyla Harmon