• On Aug 31, 2014, PamCraig said: My must reads from the hunt.

    Crista McHugh - Falling for the Wingman

    C.C. Wood - In Love With Lucy

    Jennah Scott - The Devil's Bond

  • On Aug 28, 2014, Bmhy said: Scavenger Hunt

    What a fantastic scavenger hunt! My must reads from the list are Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity Heaton, Sea Panther by Dawn Marie Hamilton, Prim & Proper by Jordan K. Rose, and Hunger by Felicity Heaton.

  • On Aug 28, 2014, Gwendy said: Serious TBR additions

    Here we are again with the conflicting relationship of the Scavenger Hunts. Love, love, love all the new authors, new books. Yet I am seriously going to be overrun by my TBR list. I made a dent in it. Then here comes all these awesome books making it twice as long. Alas, I suppose I'm up to the challenge. :)

    As for authors, got to add Prim and Proper by Jordan K. Rose. Vamnesia. Enough said right there. I have also got to add Sea Panther by Dawn Maries Hamilton. Anybody that can put a mystery with a Voodoo cursed vampire/shifter at sea with time travel deserves a read!

  • On Aug 28, 2014, ArlenaDean said: Summer Fun

    Three romance novels that caught my attention: Shatter Phoenix Rising by Joan Swan Runaway Groom Wedding Fever # 3 by Fiona Lowe and Love at High Tide by Christi Barth

  • On Aug 27, 2014, Ssernell said: Summer Fun Contest

    Falling for the Wingman - Crista McHugh

  • On Aug 27, 2014, Karen said: Summer Fun Contest

    I want to read Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman by Wareeze Woodson. Love those historical romances best!

  • On Aug 26, 2014, Adnor said: Correction: Summer Fun Contest prizes

    Silly me I posted before 'doing' the entry - as I was filling in the answer I SAW that each author has the prize listed --- sorry for my mistake. red faced shame face :)

  • On Aug 26, 2014, Jbst said: scavenger hunt

    Many good books. Hidden Steel or The Bite of It would be a couple books that really caught my eye.

  • On Aug 25, 2014, Adnor said: Summer Fun Contest prizes

    This is a GREAT website, find new things to read AND new authors - the contests make it even MORE fun :) Usually there is a HUGE list of prizes for these BIG contests. Maybe I'm blind but don't see prizes listed this time.

  • On Aug 25, 2014, MelodyReads said: Scavenger Hunt

    There are a lot of must read I find during the scavenger hunt. Too much to list. :)

  • On Aug 17, 2014, Tara W said: My Must Read From The Hunt

    There are a lot of great books, but I really look forward to reading Song of the Highlands by K.E. Saxon.

  • On Aug 16, 2014, wyndwhisper said: so excited!

    I found a ton of new books to read. :)

  • On Aug 15, 2014, belgre said: Scavanger Hunt Find

    I found In Love With Lucy by C.C. Wood. She is a new author to me. I will be following her in the future. I loved the short blurb of this book. It hooked me. I want to know how Christopher catches Lucy. it should be a fun chase!

  • On Aug 10, 2014, carlton said: New discoveries

    Let's see... Letter from Money - Roberta Grimes, Czech Mate by Sloane Taylor, Sheikh's Scandal by Lucy Monroe, Reckless by Skye Jordan, Shatter - Joan Swan and the list goes on...

  • On Aug 09, 2014, greenshamrock said: Must reads

    Ooooh so many great sounding books... one that stood out for me was Knight Avenged!

  • On Aug 08, 2014, bncandg said: re:

    Roz Lee's Spring Training

  • On Aug 05, 2014, french vanilla said: New authors to discover

    Falling For The Wingman by Crista McHugh is on my TBR list. Love the scavenger hunts!

  • On Aug 03, 2014, orchdlady said: Must Read

    one of my must reads is In Love With Lucy by C.C. Wood, but I'm sure I'll find more as I do the Scavenger Hunt.

  • On Jul 26, 2014, booksforme said: So many great books...

    So many great books but I really want to read SHATTER by Joan Swan!

  • On Jul 20, 2014, Brandi said: Found a New Author

    I found a new author to look into while doing the hunt. Sea Panther by Dawn Marie Hamilton sounds interesting :)

  • On Jul 17, 2014, BookAttict said: Too many TBR additions to list them all.....

    But am defiinitely going to read For the Bite of It by Viki Lyn, Cupid's Arerow by Jianne Carlo, Captive by J.M. Fawcett, Famine by Monica Enderle Pierce and Falling for the Wingman by Crista McHugh.

  • On Jul 16, 2014, msdebms said: The stacks are growing!

    I found so many I want to add to my TBR pile...Captive...Saving Toby...Cupid's Arrow!

  • On Jul 16, 2014, Pamk said: sound good

    looking forward to reading Kerry Schaefer's books

  • On Jul 12, 2014, Ingeborg said: Contest

    I can't wait to read Cera's Place by Elizabeth McKenna and Runaway Groom by Fiona Lowe.

  • On Jul 12, 2014, SnowBearLake said: Waiting on results

    I can not wait to see who won the Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt. I hope I win something on this one. Would love to win from these authors: Coreene Callahan

    Felicity Heaton(both entries)

    Roberta Grimes (both entries)

    Monica Enderle Pierce

    Sky Purington

    Elizabeth McKenna

  • On Jul 11, 2014, katz said: Must Read

    Falling for the Wingman

    Sheikh's Scandal

    Runaway Groom

  • On Jul 04, 2014, griffinsgma said: Three to read!

    Kissed by a Dark Prince


    Proving His Worth

  • On Jun 28, 2014, MarcyWho said: TBR list

    Falling for the Wingman by Crista McHugh, anything by Lucy Monroe, Hidden Steel by Doranna Durgin and Runaway Groom by Fiona Lowe. Cera's Place is a great book by Elizabeth mcKenna.

  • On Jun 26, 2014, pansypetal said: So many good ones!

    This is an amazing list of authors this time. Several are already on my tbr list so it is hard to choice a must read for this time. But, I think Kerry Schafer - The Dream Runner is the one. This sounds interesting.

  • On Jun 26, 2014, margaretluvisi said: like the contest

    the book is Reckless by Skye Jordan

  • On Jun 26, 2014, SandyH said: Too many new authors!

    Felicity Heaton's book sounds good, but there are so many others who (whom?) I've never read.

  • On Jun 25, 2014, SteelerGirl said: contest

    Love to enter the hunts. I am always on the lookout for a new author to try. This gives me a chance to discover a bunch of different authors.

  • On Jun 25, 2014, VidaB said: Must Read

    I enjoy the scavenger hunt because I get introduced to new authors by reading the blurbs. The must read that I will be picking up is Viki Lyn For The Bite Of It.

  • On Jun 24, 2014, AshleyAnne said: Summer Scavenger Hunt

    All the books look great but Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity Heaton looks REALLY good

  • On Jun 24, 2014, JeanMP said: Scavenger Hunt

    A lot of the books caught my attention, these are just a couple Famine by Monica Enderle Pierce and Prim & Proper by Jordan K. Rose

  • On Jun 23, 2014, ebaker said: Must Read

    Chasing Luck and Saving Toby

  • On Jun 23, 2014, Relklaf said: Contest

    I love the scavenger hunts. I wish you had more! Books I would put on my TBR list are: In Love With Lucy, Runaway Groom and Love at High Tide.

  • On Jun 23, 2014, Sonyalovesbooks said: Summer reading list

    I would love to get all these wonderful books, but this is the top nine just to start

    In love with Lucy, Song of the highlands, Kissed by a Dark Prince, Famine, Mark of the Highlander, Knight Avenged, Sheikh's Scandal, Falling for the Wingman, Rich and Famous. So many great books so little time.

  • On Jun 21, 2014, Rhianona said: Too many to choose!

    My poor TBR pile is getting a bunch more added to it. Oh darn.

    I am looking forward to reading a number of these books, but one of the ones I definitely want to read is 'In Love with Lucy' by C.C. Wood. Definitely will be picking that up and adding it to my pile.

  • On Jun 21, 2014, Tamazon said: Building me a library

    I'm am, I am! For me it's an eBook library and I'm going digital and saving space and my back when we move.

  • On Jun 21, 2014, darkand said: More for my TBR pile!

    OK, I'm gonna need to build myself a library! Who's with me?!

  • On Jun 21, 2014, Reader said: Scavenger Hunt Reads

    There are several that sound good, but I think Chasing Luck & Falling for the Wingman would be the first two I would choose to read.

  • On Jun 20, 2014, Bertie said: Love the Scavenger Hunts

    So many new to me authors my one click finger in really sore LOL


  • On Jun 19, 2014, slinkydennis said: Great contest

    Thanks so much for the awesome contest and for bringing so many wonderful books to my attention! I love participating in these because I always find several books to add to my list!

  • On Jun 18, 2014, Grace Navalta said: how to choose

    Letter From Money sounds pretty good..along with all of the other books in this great giveaway..looking forward to the party

  • On Jun 18, 2014, Karla Eakin said: so many good books

    I enjoyed all the new teasers but Captive really looks like the top choice this always an awesome giveaway NOR

  • On Jun 18, 2014, thejo said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    Lotsa new to me authors involved in the contest/giveaway(s)...Cant wait to get started reading. The book that interests me the most would be Dawn Marie Hamilton's Sea Panther. A cursed hero that is both shifter and vampire....I'm in! :) Thanks for the contest and the chance at great prizes!


  • On Jun 18, 2014, Sylvie said: So Many New Authors!

    There are many new-to-me authors here and I would love to get to know their work. Since my favorite is always Paranormal, I especially look forward to reading For the Bite of It and Prim and Proper.

    Thanks so much for doing this wonderful giveaway!

  • On Jun 17, 2014, Donna A said: WOW!

    So many "new to me" authors in this group. Thanks for the intro

  • On Jun 17, 2014, Calila said: For The Bite Of It

    Really obsessed with m/m right now so this one caught my eye!

  • On Jun 17, 2014, ktandcamsmom said: Summer reading!

    I always find books I want to read on here! Thanks

  • On Jun 16, 2014, Texas Book Lover said: 2014 - Summer Fun Booklovers Scavenger Hunt

    Run Away Groom sounds fun!

  • On Jun 16, 2014, SuzReadsBooks said: New TBR Books

    Prim and Proper looks good and a few others too! Thanks for this amazing giveaway - I would love to win!

  • On Jun 16, 2014, Trix said: Czech Mate

    This one really appeals to me (and so does Stockholm SINdrome, the book above it on Sloane's NOR page)!

  • On Jun 16, 2014, BrooklynShoeBabe said: I Would Like to Read

    Chasing Luck

  • On Jun 16, 2014, KGOLDMAN said: New Books

    I find so many new books and authors to try here on NOR

    Thank you

  • On Jun 16, 2014, abbyswarriormom said: This book caught my eye!

    Definitely put Prim and Proper on my wishlist - can't wait to read it :)

  • On Jun 16, 2014, atiffyfit said: Famine

    This one stood out to me as something I MUST read as soon as possible! :) The rest look fantastic, too.

  • On Jun 16, 2014, lisagk said: Summer Fun -

    I would enjoy pretty much any of these titles, but Lizzy and Knight Avenged are particular fore runners for me

  • On Jun 16, 2014, suzyrph said: Sea Panther

    This book definitely caught my eye- definite read for me. Thanks for such a great contest.

  • On Jun 16, 2014, Michelle Willms said: A must read for me!

    I really want to read Knight Avenged. It sounds absolutely wonderful. I love the idea of having sorcery bubbling through your veins, just waiting to be ignited. I cannot wait to read how it was awakened.

  • On Jun 15, 2014, AshleyAnne said: must read

    I have to say Knight Avenged looks like a must read to me!