• On Jul 02, 2013, JeanMP said: Romance Zone

    All those books sound really good.

    We have a 6 foot fence around our yard to keep the dog in, we see the deer areound here, but they don't bother the yard or garden

  • On Jun 24, 2013, Tamazon said: Woot

    darkand wins and eBook from Cathtryn Cade!

  • On Jun 14, 2013, suzyrph said: Cathryn Cade

    You are a great great writer with a variety of stories. Where you live sounds wonderful. Twtd Fbd.

  • On Jun 08, 2013, darkand said: Romance Zone

    I would LOVE to fly to Hawaii - I am definitely adding Cathryn Cade's "Hawaiian Heros" to my TBR pile!

    Liked on FB too!

  • On May 30, 2013, Bmhy said: Romance

    My TBR list just keeps growing and growing! Thanks for sharing.

  • On May 29, 2013, Lizsemkiu said: The Romance Zone

    Nice collection of books. Will have to add to my TBR list.

  • On May 29, 2013, Hotcha said: ONE HOT MONTH


  • On May 29, 2013, greenshamrock said: Some new authors for me

    Some new authors for me among this group of books... they all sound wonderful!

  • On May 28, 2013, JannaShay said: Thanks

    All the releases sound great. Put them on my TBR list.

  • On May 28, 2013, shauntih said: Rain, Desire, Heat and Deer

    They all sound good. I'd especially like to try Burning up the Rain and Shameless Desire.

    I had three young deer come into my back yard a few days ago. Two females and one male with his antlers just starting to grow. They eat something back near the woods - no tulips here for them to chomp!

    If you want heat, come on down to GA. at 11am, it is already 76. It is supposed to get up to 86, and this is without the heat index. I HATE the heat!

  • On May 28, 2013, jbalinski said: The Romance Zone

    These books sound fantastic. Put them all on my wishlist, but put Burning Up the Rain at the top. I've read others in this series and loved them.

  • On May 28, 2013, ecocat said: Great Books

    Burning Up the Rain reminds me of Adele's song Set Fire to the Rain so it is a must read to me. Lord of the Forest meets my Robin Hood theme. I'm a big fan of Robin Hood. Wounded Angel- I have been reading plenty of angel books already. There is that mysticism about angels and I would like to know more about them.

  • On May 28, 2013, Bookbuddy said: So many to choose from!

    Hitched is definitely calling to me!

  • On May 23, 2013, Jbst said: Fab books

    What a selection of books. All of these books look so interesting.

  • On May 21, 2013, Donna A said: Romance Zone

    The only book I've read on this list is Burning Up The Rain. Loved it. Look forward to reading some of the others.

  • On May 19, 2013, Sandiebuck said: Looks Awesome!

    I can't wait to read this!

  • On May 17, 2013, jmcgaugh said: Burning up the Rain

    This sounds like a very interesting premise!

  • On May 16, 2013, darkand said: Heat in the springtime...

    I can't wait to read Burning Up the Rain ~ I've always wanted to visit (& maybe even someday move to) Hawaii. Not only is the island beautiful but the culture and local legends are fascinating.

  • On May 16, 2013, Trix said: nice list!

    Everything looks very tempting! I was just thinking about deer the other day, but haven't seen one in person in a while...

  • On May 16, 2013, Cathryn Cade said: Oops! Left 2 HOT Romances off this list


    Remains of the Day by PG Forte

    The Rebound Girl by Tamara Morgan

    should be on this list. They are also available to win.

    best, Cathryn

  • On May 16, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    nice setting

  • On May 16, 2013, ecocat said: Hawaiian Myths and Folklores

    Hawaii has so many myths and folklore in its history. I would love to make a trip there just to explore its myths and folklore and visit Pearl Harbor.

  • On May 16, 2013, Bmhy said: Cathryn Cade

    Love Hawaii and will be adding Hawaiian Heroes to my TBR list! Sounds like a great series. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On May 16, 2013, amberdaultonauthor said: Thanks

    I love Cathryn Cade's Hawaiian Heroes! Those men are so yummy.

    I see deer all the time in the spring behind by house. They're so beautiful!

  • On May 16, 2013, lisagk said: Nature

    I don't have deer near my house, but enjoy seeing them when we go camping. lisagk@

  • On May 15, 2013, Monica said: Love and hate the deer!

    Deer discovered my tulips about 3 years ago and I've been fighting them ever since. They eat my Impatiens too! I have to buy a repellent spray and reapply after every rain. This is getting expensive, but they do look cute when they sit under one of my shade trees!

  • On May 15, 2013, Barbieangel said: Zone by Cathryn Cade

    Here in Ohio the deer eat our tulips and daffodils and just about anything else we plant. If the deer doesn't get them the bunnies do!