• On May 15, 2013, Roxanne said: My answers

    1) Who is your favorite paranormal romance or urban fantasy male character? Why?

    Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series, he's sexy, sure of himself and an alpha type but more than willing to let Cat be just as strong.

    2) How do you like your hero? Dominant alpha males that do not concede power to anyone ever, alpha males that can share the power with their female, the strong hero that can be a bad boy or alpha but is sure enough of himself he doesn’t have to control everything (I think Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series fits this description), beta males that are loving and understanding but don’t often shine as the type to make a girl’s heart race, the strong but damaged male that needs love to heal (JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood guys fit this description), the angsty guy (Edward Cullen Twilight), the monster that thinks he doesn’t deserve love (a huge majority of vampire males in books)?

    It depends on the book, different characters/heroes fit in different stories. Many are perfect for the book they are in.

    3) What is your favorite type of paranormal hottie? The vampire, werewolf, other type of shifter, wizard/witch/magi/sorcerer, or something else?

    Anyone who knows me knows I love the vamps ;-)

    4) What characteristics turn you off in a book?

    Whiny characters- whether the female or male lead if either are too whiny or just not strong enough it turns me off. I know there's always a starting point for development but sometimes the character is just wrong..

    5) What hero characteristics do you love most?

    Strong men that aren't afraid to show emotion, that are not afraid to give power to a woman. I can't stand men that are too feminine though. I like my men to be "men" LOL

    6) The alpha male- in paranormal/urban fantasy books we love them. In real life, what do you think? Sexy or simply domineering (and sometimes abusive) jerks?

    The ones I've encountered try to be alphas but are really just sissy as abusive jerks who can't control anything. Or they are so alpha they don't let anyone in to their life.

    7) Last but not least, what would love to see in male character that you haven’t yet?

    Hmmm....I'm not sure