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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: May 05, 2014

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Current Release: American Craftsmen

In modern America, two soldiers will fight their way through the magical legacies of Poe and Hawthorne to destroy an undying evil—if they don’t kill each other first. AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN is a blend of dark urban fantasy, special ops and espionage thriller, and US cryptohistory.

What are you working on?

I’ve been writing the second and third books in the AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN series. I’ve had fun expanding on the world and characters that I created in book one. I didn’t know that I’d ever get chance to create a series, and so I didn’t have one planned in advance. Fortunately, the background of my first book is a story-rich environment, so I haven’t had much trouble coming up with new tales to tell.

Getting a book to market often takes a village. Who has helped you on the way?

My childhood friend Boobie Dutch gave me invaluable background on special operations. My fellow Clarion Workshop alum Stephanie Dray had early comments that were crucial for the direction and focus of the story. The Washington DC area Writers Group from Hell critiqued the earliest draft of the book. Finally, the book wouldn’t have seen the light of day without my agent Robert Thixton and my editor Claire Eddy.

Do you have a favorite or interesting reader meet moment?

One of my favorite ways to meet readers in person is when I’m reading my own work at conventions.

What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

I procrastinate all the time on social media. It’s dangerously addictive, and I’m my own boss at home, so it takes a lot of discipline to confine my browsing time. But it’s also a major way that I stay connected with friends and colleagues, so I certainly won’t go cold turkey.

I hope you enjoy AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN. The text and audio of many of my other stories are available at Thanks for reading!