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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: December 01, 2014

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Current Releases: Hope Rising & A Christmas Hope (Novella)

What inspired the Of Love and War series?

The series actually began with the idea of having a story about a pregnant nurse serving in WWI. After I came up with her character and her soldier love interest, then I fleshed out the other stories and characters.

What’s it like to get to write your first holiday set romance in your series?

It was such a fun endeavor. Not only did I get to give a great secondary character her own love story, but I also got to delve into new research about WWI. Christmas 1918 was especially poignant because the Great War had ended just the month before, and yet, there were so many people—soldiers and citizens alike—who were struggling in the aftermath of the war and in need of finding hope again.

If you could travel back in time, what year and event would you like to visit?

There are so many historical events I would love to see, but since it’s the holidays, I would pick Christmas 1914 at the front lines when the French and Germans held a temporary cease fire and came up out of the trenches to visit with each other on Christmas day.

What type of research did you have to do for Hope Rising?

I had to research all aspects of the war: the battles, the conditions at the front lines, the experiences of soldiers, the chain of medical care, and the nursing during the Great War. I love researching a time period or event, especially WWI, even when only a portion of that makes it into the book.

What should readers expect in a Stacy Henrie romance novel?

Readers can expect a satisfying ending for the hero and heroine, plenty of emotion and internal conflict, a good kiss mid-book, independent heroines, courageous heroes, and a full dip into a historical era for the duration of the story.

What was you writer journey like? How did you get published?

I’d dreamt of being published since I was a kid, but I didn’t get serious about writing until after my first child was born. I wrote for eight years before my first book was published. That book, a historical western from Harlequin Love Inspired Historical, won a contest and eventually was accepted for publication by Harlequin eight months later. I got “the call” in January 2012, on Friday the 13th. Now I consider that a lucky day. ? Some months later, my agent and I submitted the first book in the Of Love and War series to Grand Central Forever, which they accepted for publication that summer.

What are you releasing next?

A HOPE REMEMBERED, the third book in the Of Love and War series, releases in March. It features a secondary character from the first book and introduces readers to a former WWI pilot from Britain. Set in England’s Lake District in 1920, this story explores how the world was changing and adapting in the aftermath of the Great War. Having visited the gorgeous Lake District last year, I’m excited to share pieces of that experience in this novel.

What’s your favorite “Modern Convenience”?

Indoor plumbing and electricity!

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