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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: January 07, 2013

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Current Release: The Silver Rose

Describe your current release in two sentences?

The Silver Rose is the first in a trilogy about Rosa, a powerful witch who must bind her magic with her destined mate, within one calendar month, or surrender her magic forever. If she fails to do either, Marylebone’s Dragons will hunt her down, burn her magic from her and she will die.

What have you had to give up to pursue your writing career?

Time mostly. It's difficult working full time to pay the bills while working in the evenings trying to fulfill your dreams. The weekends are so precious, and living a full life with family and friends sometimes has to be sacrificed. It's a fine balance.

What are you working on?

I'm currently working on The Jade Dragon which is the second book about the second sister Alanna in the Greenwood Witches trilogy. It's scheduled for release in August 2013. Here's a brief bio:

The ancient warlock, Gregori, has been ensorcled by Marylebone Coven inside a Jade Dragon for the past ten years but the stone is beginning to crack. Alanna has been charged with protecting the Jade Dragon, but with her magic bound for breaking witch law how can she prevent Gregori from escaping or stop him from harming not only himself with his increasingly volatile magic, but also those she holds dearest.

Then she discovers he has been accused of causing the death of her parents. Can Alanna forgive him when she has an even greater secret that could blow her relationship with him and her family apart?

What is your ultimate writing goal?

I think every writer will tell you that the ultimate goal is to be able to earn a living writing. To be able to give up that current day job. Much as I love my current job, I'm pretty exhausted at the end of the day and it takes determination and perseverance to continue writing.

I love a good story. I love happy endings. I love the idea of being able to spend my days with the characters I write and also reading books by other authors.

Do you have a comfort food? What is it?

I LOVE chocolate. Give me a box of Lindt chocolates and I'm a very happy girl. My next comfort sweet thing is Ice-cream. Passionfruit is a firm favorite. As for savory, there's nothing quite like NZ Roast Lamb with veggies and gravy. Yum!

Where is your favorite place to write?

I'm currently sitting on an outdoor chair on the deck in the shade (It's summer here). That's certainly a great place to write. I have an office and that is where the bulk of the writing gets done, but I recently bought a small Macbook Air and I can virtually sit anywhere with it. I also sit on a stool at the kitchen bench. I quite like it there.

What career fields have you worked in?

I've worked in a number of areas. I left school to work in an office at sixteen. I ended up in another role running an office for three years for a manufacturing jeweller and then heading overseas to London and Europe for a year and a half. I lived in London for a portion of that time and also spent three months living in Holland. While in Europe I worked as a cook for Contiki, travelling on a bus around the country with passengers and preparing meals for them. I've also worked as a Postie but I now work as an Administration Specialist in a technology centre for a large bank in New Zealand. The great thing is, it's only five minutes drive to work from where I live.

What are your plans for the next year? Any books you are looking forward to?

Well, I'm working on The Jade Dragon and immediately after I'll begin on Book 3, currently titled A Tangled Web. I'm hoping to go overseas in 2013 with friends. At the moment, I'm considering Paris, London and possibly Greece. I visited the Greek Islands over 30 years ago and I've longed to go back since then. It seems like forever. It's a place where I immediately felt at home. Sounds like a great place to write as well.

Another thing I'd like to do is attend a couple of romance writer conferences and I'm trying to work out whether I can afford to attend the national conference in Atlanta this year as well as travel to Europe.

How was your road to publication?

A very long one. I've been writing off and on for about 20 years! I've been a member of Romance Writers of New Zealand for a long time, and a member of Romance Writers of America for about three to four years (off and on). The very first book I ever wrote, Crystal Crazy, took forever to write and all the time I was writing it, I don't think I really believed I could write a book, so when I actually finished it, I felt so proud of myself. Since then, I've written five full books. Two finaled in a NZ competition for the full manuscript called The Clendon Award. The first is called Footloose and Faerie Free about a wayward Faerie and her one true love (it's a comedy) came third in this competition, and the second book which is The Silver Rose, which is my first published book, came second. I hope to resurrect Footloose and Faerie Free when I have time and try to find a home for it as I loved writing it.

If you could live in a world created by an author, which book / world would you jump into?

I'd love to live in the world created by Maria V. Snyder - her Poison Study series. I loved those books. I'd also love to live at Hogwarts! I so wish I had gone to a school like that. I so wish I had magical powers! Another world is that created by Nalini Singh. Her world building in her Psy Changeling series is amazing.

You'll probably think I'm crazy but Ive always felt life should be a musical. There are moments when I would say to someone, this is where they would break out into song or dance, so I reckon jumping into a musical might be fun! Especially Mama Mia as it's set in Greece!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to visit with me. A very big thank you to those who have bought my book and taken the time to let me know they loved it.

Meanwhile I'm busy working on the next book in the series.

Happy reading everyone.