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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: December 27, 2011

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HIDDEN SUMMIT | 978-0778313007 | Mira | December 27, 2011

Sick of running into her cheery ex-husband and his new wife, Leslie Petruso accepts a job at the Virgin River branch of Haggerty Construction and takes the high road right out of town. Now she's got Paul Haggerty's business running like a well-oiled machine. In fact, things are so busy Paul jumps at the chance to hire an extra set of hands.

Just like Leslie, Conner Danson has been burned by love. But if Leslie was disappointed by her relationship going bad, Conner was decimated. He's got no time for women.although he spends an awful lot of time pretending not to notice Leslie. And she's pretty busy "ignoring" the chemistry between them.

According to Conner and Leslie, they have only one thing in common-they're done with love. But everyone in Virgin River can see that things are heating up at Haggerty Construction. And as far as Paul Haggerty can tell, the best thing he can do is hang on to his hard hat and watch the sparks fly!

What main genre do you write in?


Please tell us your latest news!

This is a very busy time of year - I have a holiday book out - Bring Me Home For Christmas and then three books in early 2012 - Hidden Summit - (Dec. 27), Redwood Bend (Feb 28) and Sunrise Point (May 1). This means lots of Q&A's, guest blog, etc. I believe I might have to be surgically removed from the chair by June.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I have too many favorites, that's the trouble - but my favorite genre to read and relax by is contemporary romance. I'm addicted to Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis, Susan Andersen, Christie Ridgway and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I was a very young mother, reading book after book - at that time I was hooked on historical - and I thought, I bet I can do this. Well, it wasn't nearly as simple as I fantasized it would be, but the process was addictive and I was hooked on storytelling immediately. That was about 35 years ago.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Write what you love to read, stay relentlessly positive and protect your quality of life!

Do you have a favorite object that is pertinent to your writing?

I can't think of anything - but I do have a crystal hanging over my head and a money tree in the corner. Whether these things help, I have no idea!

Please describe your writing environment.

I have a small office that's dangerously close to the laundry room. It's lined with floor to ceiling shelves and there will never be enough space on them for more books. When I lean back in my chair and glance toward the laundry room, if I see the bulging laundry basket it means my husband is probably down to his Scooby-Doo boxers and it's time to do some laundry during those spaces when no story idea comes to mind.

What's been the most challenging part of writing for you?

Definitely it's the plotting! I love creating characters and while I rewrite them constantly, I find creating them and their dialogue to be fun, but I so often get to points in the book where I'm saying OMG - where did the conflict go? I'm always going back to the beginning to reassess and revise.

Who has been your best supporter? How have they been there for you?

My husband has always been very supportive, but he had his own career to focus on. That being said, my two best friends, Kate and Shari, neither writers themselves, have been encouraging me, propping me up, bragging about me and loving me for more years than I can count - both of them for over 30 years. They've gone on research trips with me, put my books at eye level on the shelves and holding my hand during those times I've been at the end of my rope.

Do you have any other author names? If so, what are they and what's different about what you write under each name.

There's just me. ;)

Do you like to mix genres?

I've written in many different genres but I am now strictly contemporary women's fiction and romance. I'm currently writing the 20th Virgin River Novel - My Kind of Christmas.

What book are you reading now? What are your thoughts on it?

I'm currently reading Jill Shalvis' Head Over Heels - the third in her Lucky Harbor series and it's outstanding - fun, sexy, fabulous characters and such a heartwarming story.

Tell us all about "The Call" or "The Email"!

Not sure what you mean here, but I assume you're looking for some Big News Call. That would be about 6 weeks ago when my editor called me to tell me Bring Me Home for Christmas rose to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. I was so stunned, I couldn't breathe for an hour!! I'm still smiling!

What inspires your writing?

That's very simple - stories of hope. Nothing moves me more deeply and sincerely than people finding ways to get ahead of their problems and finding joy and quality of life.

Do you have any cool promo tricks you can share with other writers?

No tricks - just all the usual stuff. I think the two most effective things I've done are eblasts to large lists to announce a new book and giving away books - many, many books - to introduce readers to my work.

Do you have any animals? Do they influence your writing?

I have a chocolate lab and I wouldn't say she influences my work but she definitely enjoys it - she lays in the chair behind my desk, belly up, and snores most of the day.

If you had to choose one person to have dinner with, who would it be? And why?

I think I would enjoy dinner with Diane Keaton - I love all her movies and she's acted with some of the most interesting people in the business.

Who's your agent? Please tell us about them.

Liza Dawson of Liza Dawson Associates has been my agent for 8 years or so. Many years ago Liza was the editor who bought my historical romances for paperback reprint and so our rapport was established many years before she opened her agency. She is the most sane, brilliant and supportive woman I know and we work together like a well-oiled machine.

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