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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: June 24, 2014

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Current Release: Games of Desire

What's your book about?

Wizard Chloe Donovan has always cleaned up the messes her younger sister has left behind, but this time she runs into a demon. Simply looking at him makes her want to put aside sense of responsibility and do something impulsive.

Marax is searching for Chloe's sister out of duty, too, but his self-restraint disappears once he has Chloe in his arms on the dance floor.

When Chloe and Marax give in to the passion burning between them, they find themselves bound in way neither had ever imagined.

But there's also a dangerous, powerful demon out there who's also looking for Chloe's sister. When he can't find her, he decides he'll take his vengeance on Chloe herself. Marx and Chloe will have to work together to keep both Chloe and her sister alive.

What should readers expect from you titles?

Action, adventure, and steamy romance.

What's your writing process like?

Once I have characters and at least a vague idea of their story, I go into a phase I call Pre-Book. This is where I'll find pictures of my characters, maybe their homes, their cars, and a few locations that I know will be in the story. I'll also do big picture research and mull over the story. Basically, whatever I need to do to prepare before writing.

Once I feel like I know my characters well and have a fairly good grip on the opening, I start writing. After I have two or three chapters, then I'll begin tinkering with a synopsis. I'm more of a seat-of-the-pants writer, but I like having a loose framework around me.

Once the book is sold, I just sit down and write. I generally don't do a lot of revising until I've finished the first draft. I like to do a heavy revision round, a light revision, and finish with a polishing revision.

What books have you analyzed to help grow yourself as an author?

The book I read before I was published that turned on a light bulb for me was GOAL, MOTIVATION, AND CONFLICT by Debra Dixon. It helped me look at stories in a new way and the first book I wrote after reading this (RAVYN'S FLIGHT) was my first sale. I learned a lot from GMC.

What's next for you as an author?

I'm working on a romantic suspense story right now. It's a change of genre, but these characters won't leave me alone and I consider this one of the books of my heart. I'm lucky--I've had three of those.

If you could travel to another time, would you choose past or future or would you stick where you are at? And Why?

I'd choose to travel to the future. Science and medicine are doing such incredible things right now, that I'd love to see how far they both go in the near future. I'd also love to see how humans solved the major problems facing us. Plus, I love gadgets and just think of all the cool new toys I'd have to play with!

What's your everyday life like? Do you write full-time or do you also hold another job?

I work for Delta Air Lines in Technical Operations. My department looks at the data and decides how often to perform maintenance tasks on our aircraft. The job is usually pretty interesting and it can be draining, but I work with a great group of people.

Wrapping Up:

Thanks for asking me to do this interview, and a big thank you to all the readers who've taken the time to read this. I appreciate it and I hope you'll give one of my stories a try.