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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: February 09, 2011

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Tears on a Tranquil Lake | MuseItUp Publishing | Fantasy erotic romance | February 1st, 2011

What a surprise for a young woman, to find herself suddenly transformed into a mermaid.

Ciel's first thought - track down the merman who changed her and make him reverse his magic. Unable to find him, survival in her new world becomes paramount. She eagerly accepts help from a dashing pirate captain who takes a fancy to her, lavishing her with finery.

When her merman does show up, he competes for her affection. One look into his eyes makes her life more complex -- he is her soul mate.

Which man will she choose - pirate captain or merman? Which life - human or mermaid? Caribbean adventures and dangers chase Ciel as she searches for decisions and the key to her happiness.

Warning: This book contains Haitian vodou, sultry wenches, foul-mouthed scalliwag pirates, overindulgence of fine Caribbean rum, and amorous encounters on deserted beaches.

Please tell us your latest news!

I've completed the first of a five-part fantasy erotic romance series entitled The Enchanted Bookstore, which is in submission.

I'm also finishing a sequel to Tears on a Tranquil Lake, which is shaping up to be a very fun tale.

I just received cover art for my next MuseItHot release, Sea Glass and Sand Memories. That short story will be available June 1st, 2011.

Please describe your writing environment.

I'm pleased to have a room to myself, an extra bedroom converted into an office space, I don't have to share with anyone. In there are my laptop and desktop computers, and reference books about magic, alchemy, ghosts, demons, witches. I like to write late at night and my tiny dragon figurines keep me company. On the floor is a woolen Indian rug, part of my Indian art collection. I never worry if Indian d‚cor mixes with fantasy dragons. This is a room for my inspiration.

When I take a break from writing, I use a separate desk for doing my watercolor paintings. Both desks are ages old, the painting desk an authentic Mission style from the turn of the century. They belonged to my dad, who is no longer with us and I miss much. Using his furniture brings me close to him.

Do you have a specific writing style?

In my formal literature studies I spent much time reading classics. The romantic period of literature captivated me. I've read the entire Thomas Hardy catalog. I spent years engrossed in reading George Elliot, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, James Fenimore Cooper, and Washington Irving. I love how they elevated setting to the level of importance of a main character. Their richly textured settings inspire me enormously. The influences of those works infuse my own writing.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Growing up I enjoyed reading and for that reason followed an English minor college program, actually just for fun along with a Biology major. Taking lit courses and writing essays for fun--strange, but true! Years later, I worked as a rock music reviewer for several years and from some of those experiences I tinkered with fiction. Initially, I wrote fiction based on the world of rock music. That's very sexual, so the erotic elements came naturally. Through a lucky happenstance, a man who worked for a major book publishing house read my first attempts at fiction, posted on a music forum. He repeatedly encouraged me to submit my creative writing. Over time, I came to believe him and did. After that, it's been a waterfall of new and fun experiences.

Do you write full time? What did you do before you became a writer? Or Still do?

Yes, I write fiction full time now. I taught high school biology, anatomy, and ecology for seventeen years. I loved my students and miss that part of the job.

Do you have a ritual when it comes to writing?

I tend to write late into the night at home, after dinner until around 2 AM. But, as often as possible, I pack up my writing notebook and head to a nearby beach. My most creative ideas come while there and the writing comes fast. Even if I can't get away to the beach, I create new drafts outside in the backyard on our dock or patio. The brown pelicans have a lot of personality and make great writing companions!

Do you like to mix genres?

Absolutely! I mix fantasy, paranormal, romance, and erotica freely. I've considered writing straight fantasy, but I'd miss juggling the multiple themes.

What book are you reading now? What are your thoughts on it?

I'm currently reading several books: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen; Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn; Cornerstone Deep by my very dear friend Charlene Wilson; Stone Kissed by another good friend Keri Stevens.

I enjoy fantasy romance, with emphasis on the fantasy elements. Each of these are rich with magical happenings, which I love.

What inspires your writing?

I love to escape into imaginary worlds. I'm always world-building, even apart from my writing process. It's who I am.

I enjoy reading/researching fantasy writing through the ages in folktales, myth, legend, and lore.

My library of those is constantly growing. I often blend ideas of folklore from around the world into my works. I've used a foundation of Chinese lore in my recently completed manuscript, The Enchanted Bookstore: Seeking a Scribe, the first of a five-part series. The forces upholding good in my novel are the four auspicious Chinese animals: phoenix, unicorn, tortoise, and dragon. These represent the four elements, fire, earth, water, air, respectively, which are believed to balance our world.

In my book that is just recently available, Tears on a Tranquil Lake, I was intrigued by the legends of the pirate Jos‚ Gaspar, known by his nickname Gasparilla. In the winter of 2008, I moved to Tampa, home of the yearly Gasparilla Festival. That inspired me to create a fantasy with a love triangle between a lovely mermaid, a handsome merman, and a smooth-talking pirate captain.

How many books do you plan on writing each year?

This year I plan to finish the sequel to Tears on a Tranquil Lake and then write a third with those same characters. I have a time travel fantasy romance, Illusions of Intimacy, half done that I intend to finish. Also, part two in my series, The Enchanted Bookstore, will definitely be written and part three begun. Those are my 2011 writing goals and will keep me busy at a dedicated pace.

What are you hobbies?

One of my more interesting hobbies is watercolor painting. I'm creating a couple illustrations of scenes from Tears on a Tranquil Lake. These will be converted into digital images and used on promotional items and contest giveaways. I'll post that artwork on my website once I have them converted into digital copies.

Otherwise, I love yoga and do routines in classes or at home five days a week. The other days I'm out bicycling or kayaking. I recently purchased a used kayak-my favorite new toy! We live on a large saltwater lagoon and taking it out for an hour or more is a treat. I always exercise as part of my daily routine and have for at least a decade.

If you had to choose one person to have dinner with, who would it be? And why?

I would most like to have dinner with J.K. Rowling. I admire the complex layering within her Harry Potter series that was designed and carried out to appear so deceptively simple. I'd love a chance to ask her how she created such an amazing collective work.

What main genre do you write in?

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Thanks for interviewing me today!

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