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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: August 02, 2012

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Current Release: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: A Clandestine Classic

Describe your current release in two sentences?

Jules Verne took a couple of hot men and locked them together in a submarine. I let you see the rest of the story. ;-)

Please describe your writing environment.

I have an office on the second floor of our house which has gorgeous pictures of men on one side, and my 8-year old daughter's artwork on the other. At the moment, it's full of clutter left over from last month's RWA conference, but usually, it's the only room in the house that's actually clean.

What are you working on?

Right now, I'm working on a very dark, kinky cyberpunk story.

What do you feel blessed with?

I have a fabulous husband who supports me in every way imaginable.

What was your childhood ambition?

To be Han Solo's sister and the object of Darth Vader's unrequited love.

What is your favorite TV show?

The Closer. I love how Brenda bends the rules, but never quite breaks them. I love her team of fiercely loyal detectives. I'm really sad that the story is about to end.

What career fields have you worked in?

The hotel industry while I was in college, but that doesn't count, does it? After graduating from CSU, I spent eleven years working at a local OB/Gyn office. Word to the wise: never work for doctors.

What are your plans for the summer? Any books you are looking forward to?

At the beginning of the summer, I had a mountain of novels I intended to read. I've barely made a dent in them. At this point, I'm counting down the days until DD goes back to school! Hopefully then I'll have more time to read and to write.

How was your road to publication?

The truth is, it was easy for me. I won't claim it's because I'm super-talented or anything. It was just a series of fortunate coincidences. I never intended to be a writer. I didn't think I had anything to say. But then in December 2008, I quit my job of 11 years to be a SAH mom. A few months later, I woke up with this image in my head of two men in a hallway, locked in an embrace, just dripping with angst. I started writing. A couple of months after that, I had my first novel, Promises. The first publisher I sent it to rejected it, but the second one (Dreamspinner Press) accepted it. By that point I was already halfway finished with the sequel, so it was all downhill from there.

The truth is, this is a great time to be a writer. There are so many opportunities out there.

If you could time travel, where would you travel to and why?

Anywhere and everywhere!

Actually, I'll be going to Italy in September. Several days each in Rome, Venice and Florence. This will be my first trip overseas and I am unbelievably excited!

If you could live in a world created by an author, which book / world would you jump into?

The world of Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths series. Especially if I could have Mildmay. I'm completely in love with him.

My next book is a joint project with my good friend Heidi Cullinan. It's called Second Hand. It's a cute, sweet little contemporary m/m romance. It will be available from Riptide Publishing on September 10th.

Thanks so much to Night Owl Reviews for having me! :-)