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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: July 11, 2012

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Current Release: One Naughty Night

Describe your current release in two sentences?

Lily St. Claire will do anything for the family that saved her from the streets. A gambler and a rake, Aidan can't resist a seductive woman with secrets - but one naughty night with Lily leaves him wanting more.

Please describe your writing environment.

In one word--messy!! At least anyone just peeking into my office would think so, but I know where everything is. It used to be a small breakfast room, now it's full of a huge old desk that used to belong to my grandfather and piles of books and papers. Plus my cats--they like to perch on the piles and help me with the writing...

What are you working on?

Currently I am putting the finishing touches on the second Scandalous St. Claires book, "Two Sinful Secrets" (out in December!), and working on a new book as my other alter ego Amanda McCabe. I always have at least two projects going on at once.

What do you feel blessed with?

So many things!! My pets. My friends and family (who have always been supportive of my creative work). Always being around books that inspire me. Fresh tomatoes from my garden!

What was your childhood ambition?

At first I wanted to be an opera singer, until I found out you actually have to have a nice voice to do that (and not be pitch-deaf, like I am!). There followed ambitions to be an archaeologist (I dug up some newly planted grass in my parents' backyard searching for Viking treasure) and a veterinarian. But then i always came back to writing.

What is your favorite TV show?

Currently it's "New Girl"! It makes me laugh every week, plus I love Zooey Deschanel's clothes. But I also love "Vampire Diaries" and "House Hunters International"

What career fields have you worked in?

I've been a library aide, a radio station announcer, a columnist at a newspaper, and worked in marketing for the symphony. All fun jobs!

What are your plans for the summer? Any books you are looking forward to?

My summer plans are mainly this--to meet my deadlines!! And maybe sneak in a vacation over Labor Day. Plus swim a lot, and eat the vegetables from my garden. I just read Amor Towles's "The Rules of Civility" which I totally loved...

How was your road to publication?

It's definitely had its twists and turns! That's one thing I love about the job--it's always an adventure. But my first sale wasn't too bad. I've read romances since I was 10 years old and found a stash of Barbara Cartland novels at my grandmother's house, and had always wanted to try writing one. In college, when I was trying to avoid writing a term paper, I started one, and after I attended an RT conference i learned how to submit manuscripts, find editors and agents, etc. So I started sending it out...

If you could time travel, where would you travel to and why?

Hmm, that's a tough one. I love so many time periods. And I would have to have a definite way to get home after the visit! I would love to visit the Elizabethan era, just because it's such an astonishing moment of change in English history. And I love the music, poetry, and clothes! (though I probably would NOT love the smells)

If you could live in a world created by an author, which book / world would you jump into?

Jane Austen definitely! I love her cozy but complex village worlds. And I want my own Captain Wentworth!

Thank you so much for letting me visit here today! Look for my next Amanda McCabe book in October (The Tarnish Rose of the Court) and my next Laurel McKee in December ("Two Sinful Secrets")...

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