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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: July 29, 2014

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This interview is with P.C Cast & Kristin Cast.

Hi P.C and Kristin. Thanks for joining me this evening for your Powell's signing. What brought you to Powell's?

The love of the Pacific NW brought us here. Portland is a great place to escape to when its HOT in Tulsa, OK.

What were your first thoughts when someone asked to make your books into movies?

It was around three years ago that we were approached for the second time. The first time didn't happen. So this time we didn't want to get too excited. After in depth chats with Samuel Hadida we felt him a good fit. We were being given the opportunity to have input in the movie. The deal has been closed with Samuel Hadida at Davis Films / Metropolitan Films ( Feel free to chat about the film and pump it up at the above link. There is a lot of French on the page...but the company has a USA office and they do speak English.

What is it like writing together?

P.C. - Kristin is my first line editor. I write the full book. Over time the process has changed. At first I would give Kristen a few chapters...but by the time she got to it I had re-written the piece. So now I finish the manuscript and then she goes over it.

Kristin- It's been fun and I've learned a lot. It became easier over time as more books came out.

Kristin - Do you plan on publishing a book on your own?

Yes - I have a New Adult paranormal suspense on the way. It's going to be a series, but I can't say much about it yet.

Are you foremost a print or eBook reader?

Kristin - I prefer print. I'm not into eBooks much. I've got an iPad, but don't read books on it.

P.C. - I prefer print, but when traveling I'll read eBooks.

We both listen to a lot of audio books.

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