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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: March 25, 2013

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Current Release: Temptation

Describe your current release in two sentences?

Temptation is a Garden of Eden story set in Pennsylvania's Amish country. It's a story of forbidden love between a woman whose fame and fortune could buy her anything—anything but love—and a man whose faith requires him to resist the temptation she offers.

What have you had to give up to pursue your writing career?

For a long time I thought I'd have to give up my writing career in order to pursue a "real" career. But when I married an Air Force officer, I was told in no uncertain terms that I couldn't be hired, due to the fact his career meant a move was inevitable. I cried, wiped my tears, and realized that writing was what I longed to do anyway. I spent a lot of time learning the ropes in between raising two children in various locations. Now I'm so glad I'm not working at that bank whose manager first turned me down! I'd much rather be writing stories of romance amidst high finance than counting bills and adding checks.

What are you working on?

I do have a story completed about a mutual fund mogul without a heart who falls for a kindhearted computer genius, in which I used my background in finance to create my own financial empire. And then there's his friend, who gets called upon to rescue the country in its darkest hour... And one of these days I'm going to finish the historical that's nagging at me, about the female archaeologist who discovers a Roman villa in the lovely Cotswold countryside.

What is your ultimate writing goal?

Despite the lure of fame and fortune, the thing I want most is to make readers fall in love with my characters, to spend a few hours immersed in the world I create. Nothing pleases an author more than to hear from a reader who's been moved by the story we've created out of whole cloth.

Do you have a comfort food? What is it?

I make this dish called Rigatoni and Broccoli that has a creamy white sauce. It was the first vegetarian dish I ever made, the recipe cut out from a magazine. I memorized the instructions and make whenever I feel a need for hot pasta-based comfort in a casserole dish.

Where is your favorite place to write?

My office. I'm no good writing anywhere else, especially any place with distractions. If I tried to write in a coffee shop I'd look at everyone who entered and wonder what their story was.

What career fields have you worked in?

Most recently, I worked in politics as a communications director. I told a reporter once that writing a novel was good practice for writing campaign copy: you learn how to appeal to a reader's (or voter's) emotions. I also worked as a standardized test essay scorer, reading fifth grade essays and being blown away by the talent of our nation's schoolchildren. I was also an editorial assistant for an engineering encyclopedia, which of course I turned into research for the heroine in my WIP!

What are your plans for the next year? Any books you are looking forward to?

I'm always looking forward to whatever Susan E. Phillips writes, and it looks like Nora Roberts has another trilogy coming out soon. Plus I love nothing better than curling up with a good historical novel, especially if it's got Laura Kinsale's name on the cover. As for me, I'll be biding my time in England for a while longer, trying to see every ancient castle I can before my visa expires!

How was your road to publication?

Long! I've had bouts of writers' block that lasted years, and self-doubt that had me convinced I was foolish for even thinking I could write a novel. If anyone's on that same path, please don't give up! There's an audience out there, somewhere, some time. It may take a while and involve lots of chocolate and tears, but it's worth it to get that first email from a reader who just loves the world you created.

If you could time travel, where would you travel to and why?

I'd travel to Henry VIII's court and figure out how to help his first queen, Catherine of Aragon, conceive a male child. That way I'd stop much of the bloodshed in the ensuing years as the Protestant Reformation destroyed not only the monasteries of England but also countless innocent lives as the two faiths battled for power. At least that's the plan...it's more likely I'd be burned as a witch!

Thanks so much for having me here, and thanks to all the lovely readers and reviewers who've brought Temptation into their hearts and e-readers!