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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: March 01, 2007

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Could you please start by telling us a little about yourself?

I live on the beautiful eastern shore of Virginia, which is surrounded by water. The Atlantic to the east and the Chesapeake Bay to the right. It's a very quiet area, no Walmart, no malls, no movie theaters, no Starbucks. I have to travel over a 28 mule bridge/tunnel that cost $12 one way to get to Virginia Beach. Then I'm in civilization and can find all the amenities.

If you could be one of your characters - Who would you be? And why?s

My favorite female character was the heroine Annie from Heaven in Your Eyes. She was strong yet sweet, with a great sense of humor.

What's your favorite genre to read?

I love a good book, period. I read whatever strikes my fancy. Mystery, suspense, romance, it's all good with me.

Who or what influences you when you write?

Whatever is going on in the world sometimes comes into play, but mostly I have an idea and work to develop that idea with each book.

What do you do on a typical writing day?

I lead a very boring life. I get up at 6:30, walk my 3 little dogs, start writing at 8/8:30, lunch break at 1, back to writing by 1:30, and I finish by 5:30. In between I walk the dogs a couple more times, answer phone calls, do e-mail. The regular day-to-day stuff.

When you have writer's block how do you break free?

To date, I have never had the dreaded ?writers block' and pray I never will

Can you please give us a sneak peek at any of your upcoming books?

I just handed in the last of the goddess books. I think it will be out spring of 2008. It has a twist ending that I enjoyed writing. I hope my readers like it

Please tell us what you have planned next?

BIG THINGS. I have a new series that I think will be huge. It's a mystery with a heroine and hero who play off each other well. It takes place in Manhattan's Upper East Side. If you love dogs, you will love this series.

In 5 years, where do you see yourself? - In general and in you're writting career

I'll still be writing that series I just told you about. I hope it will be on television by then, and I'll be sitting in the audience the night of the Emmys watching it win for best new comedy

Who is your perfect hero? And why?

I love heroes who aren't typical. The geek, the fun guy who doesn't think he has a problem until he meets the heroine. Then he realizes his life's been nothing without her, and he'll go to any length to have her in his life

What do you do for inspiration?

I pray

Is there a genre of book you would like to write but haven't yet?

I've always written whatever I wanted, without following convention or trends.

What type of book would you like to write but haven't yet?

Something that would leave the readers breathless with admiration, that would make them dream of better things. I'm working on it.

What kind of research do you do for your books? Do you enjoy the research process?

Because of where I live, I do a lot on the Internet. It's a wonderful source of information for all ages.

Do deadlines help or hinder your muse?

I'm an organized writer. I pretty much keep my deadline in mind and know how many pages I have to complete each week to make it on time.

When did you first decide to submit your work? Please, tell us what or who encouraged you to take this big step.

I submitted when I shouldn't have. The work wasn't ready. But I wised up fast when I started getting rejections. I did nothing for 2 years buy write, take classes, go to conferences, and learn. Then I went on an agent hunt. When I found Helen Breitweiser, I knew I'd ?arrived'.

What would you like to tell your readers?

Thank you so much for reading my work. I'm very grateful for their support

What is the best and advice you have ever received?

To write what's ?selling'. That makes no sense. By the time it's on the shelves, the next trend is already taking place.

The best advice? To write my very best book, ignore convention, and think positively

Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I get an idea, form a hero and heroine in my mind, and figure out how I want the book to end. Then I plot with friends

Do you belong to a critique group? If so, how does this help or hinder you?

My critique group has been invaluable. Without them, I wouldn't be the writer I am today

What was your first published work and when was it published?

My first book, I Dream of You, was published in April of 2001. It won Waldenbooks Debut Romance of 2001, a great way to be launched into the romance writing world.

How can readers find out more about you and your books?

Chech the website or e-mail me. I answer every reader's e-mail. I also send them a promo thank you for writing.