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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: August 02, 2012

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Current Release: Deep in my Heart

Describe your current release in two sentences?

She falls in love with him at first sight - years later she wishes she had never set eyes on him as circumstances beyond their control force them into a mariage neither wants and an adventure in the Southern Seas beyond their imagining.

Please describe your writing environment.

I am fortunate: I have an office set up the way I like it with my very favourite books close to hand. Out of the window I can see trees and distant hills.

What are you working on?

Books 3 and 4 of the Southern Seas Series. "Deep in the Southern Seas" is about a destitute teacher who witnesses the slaughter on a tropical lagoon of a man she has never met but has agreed to marry, and a botanist who searches for orchids in Polynesian rainforests in an attempt to live with the loss of his beloved son. The two meet as they flee the eruption of fury on an isolated island. They become almost friends. As time passes friendship deepens. They fall in love and look forward to being happy ever after not knowing danger awaits them in Sydneytown.

"The Mistake": Joshua is a seacaptain's son who has loved Susannah, Reverend Browning's daughter, forever. She loves him in return. They are destined to marry as soon as she grows up. The betrothal is announced. Families and friends are delighted. All is well until Susannah makes a mistake Joshua cannot forgive.

What do you feel blessed with?

Years of living in Polynesia.

What was your childhood ambition?

To read at least one new book a day.

What is your favorite TV show?

Morse - a British t.v. drama that ended with the illness of the lead actor, John Thaw. We have dvd's of the whole series and never tire of watching episode after episode.

What career fields have you worked in?

I went to university late and got a master's in sociology. At the same I trained as a group psychotherapist and specialised in maternal stress and anger. I can't imagine a more satisfying area to work in.

What are your plans for the summer? Any books you are looking forward to?

To go to the same stretch of beach in tropical Queensland, to walk on the same endless sand, drink coffee at the same patisserie, read the latest Jo Nesbo, Henning Mankell and Candice Hern and read Lavyrle Spencer's The Gamble yet again.

How was your road to publication?

I've always written - reports and professional articles - but when we moved to be closer to our daughter and her family it was impossible for me to set up practice in a new community. I decided to try fiction and quickly realised I had a lot to learn. I had no thought of seeking publication until I began the Southern Seas Series. I worked hard, found an editor I respected (and who respects me), was rejected by three agents and four publishing houses and decided to upload on Amazon. Having recovered from the uploading process I contacted NOR.

If you could live in a world created by an author, which book / world would you jump into?

Waverley, Lavyrle Spencer's southern plantation in The Gamble. I would like to witness just a little of Agatha and Scott's joy as they start their married life.

After I've completed the first four books in the Southern Seas Series, I'm toying with the idea of writing about a missionary whose shrew of a wife has him leave her to travel back to England alone. He settles down on an almost deserted island with a Polynesian woman who is everything his wife was not.