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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: February 04, 2015

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Current Release: I Was Here

Do you choose the titles for your books?

Yes, except my first non-fiction You Can't Get There from Here. I had it foisted on me and I hate it.

What inspired you to write YA and is it the first genre you wrote?

No, my first book was a non-fiction adult travel. I don't know I was inspired to write YA. It was just the stories I wanted to write just happened to be about young adults written in a YA voice. It just worked out.

What can readers expect from your stories?

My books are more about continues themes. Emotions and they are cathartic. Readers feel what the characters are experiencing.

What was it like having If I Stay be made into a movie?

It wasn't sudden. It was more a start-stop-start-stop-start process. Lots of false starts. Head of MGM started following me on Twitter I knew it was really happening.

Do you have any more books that are slated to be movies?

Just One Day and Just one Year. We are just about to announce that those have been optioned by Universal. We are also just about to announce the screen writers. So that's on the way. Other things I can't discuss.

What has inspired you to write books that have to do with death and loss?

Surviving death and loss. I don't think they are about death so much, but love. They are love stories about family, music, and friends. It's about one persona who's written herself off realizing she's got strengths.

What’s next for you?

I have like three projects in the hopper at the moment. Which is unusual for me. I'm working on them all one week at at time, one week at a time, one week at a time. So they either all emerge in their own time or it will be like a gladiator match. One will knock the other ones out, but none of them are anything like what I have done before.

What’s it like visiting and writing about Washington State when you live in bustling NYC?

I went college in Oregon. So I spent 4 years living in Eugene. So I was very pleased when the plane landed and the mountain was out. It's February and there is Mount Hood. That was pretty exciting and I didn't bring a coat with me because it felt so warm, but it's raining. Oh great.

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