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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: July 27, 2013

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Current Release: Gravely Inanimated: A Tale of Woe and Romance

Describe your current release in two sentences?

A love that's formidable, revenge that must be taken, a voodoo queen that strikes fear in your heart--all while zombies eat people.

What are you working on?

Dealing Death: A Tale of Mystery and Deception the second book in the zombiepunk series. Along with Demonic Charms (4th book in the Last Witch Series) some erotica's and some shorts.

Is there an author or book that has greatly influenced your writing?

I think Tamora Pierce and Kim Harrison really helped me build my writing skills and inspire me to keep going. They are great authors and I hope to be at their level one day.

As a reader: Do you gravitate toward buying eBook or Print?

Print. I just love the smell of real books and being able to flip a page.

Who is your coolest character?

I think Lucille Knight is the coolest character since she gets to go from held down by society to a kick butt woman.

Thank you so much for reading this interview. I really hoped you liked it! Look for Gravely Inanimated: A Tale of Woe and Romance, wherever books are sold! Hugs and Corsets, Esther Wheelmaker