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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: April 04, 2011

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Seventeen-year old Sarah's life is turned upside down when her single mom is sent to jail. She's forced to move, leaving behind everything she's ever known, including her best friend Sydney. Lost and bitter in a new school, her one goal is to save money and move back home. Then she meets Angel Moreno.

Enigmatic but gorgeous, Angel is almost too good to be true. Except for one thing, his archaic belief that guys and girls can never be "just friends". The problem? Sarah's best friend Sydney is not a girl.

With their unexpected romance intensifying to places neither ever experienced, how long can Sarah keep Angel in the dark? And how will he react when the truth finally comes out?

Review Quote: From Kiki of Night Owl Teen - I have read this book twice now, and wouldn’t hesitate to read it a third time. I would recommend this story to anyone loving young adult romances that delve a little deeper than the usual hug and peck on the cheek stage. I am very happy that there is a second book in this series to look forward to, and if it is half as good as this first one, we are all in for a treat. 5 Stars - Top Pick

Please tell us your latest news!

I'm really excited that I'm finally done with Always Been Mine the 2nd in the Moreno Brothers series. But I'm even more excited that I decided to go ahead and write a novella about their little sister Sofia. "Sweet Sofi." I'm almost done writing that one now and will send out to Beta readers in the next few weeks.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

If I had to do it all over again I would definitely go back and make sure I was prepared before releasing. As a first timer I did make a lot of newbie mistakes. My cover has gone through 4 changes and I've since had an editor clean it up significantly. I'm looking to a much smoother ride the second time around when I release the second in The Moreno Brother series.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I think my style is just to keep it as real as possible. I like my characters to be as true to life as I can make them. I hate cheesy and I obsess about being predictable. So always count on a few twists in my stories.

What main genre do you write in?


Please describe your writing environment.

I love my writing environment. I have a desk in the corner of my room facing a window to my backyard, Since I live in California's high desert I get to experience every season. For the most part the weather is always beautiful so I get the luxury of looking out at a blue sky most of the year while I write.

Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

When I wrote Forever Mine the characters were all there. They were all bits of people I knew back in high school all meshed together. The next books in the series will have most of the same characters but a little older and more mature. Making the next books less YA and a bit more adult romance.There will be a few new characters introduced along the way but they usually just come to me as I write. Rarely do I plan them.

What's been the most challenging part of writing for you?

I think in any form of self expression like writing or even in the arts. The hardest thing to deal with is self doubt. I'll always be my biggest critic But I'm learning to have a little more faith in my gut instinct when it comes to my writing.

Who has been your best supporter? How have they been there for you?

I'd have to say without hesitation my family. I spend countless hours writing and off in space when I'm plotting. My husband and two teens have often gone with cup-o-noodles for dinner when I'm in the middle of a scene I simply can't stop writing. I also have some wonderful friends and family members who have been kind enough to read my writing and provide me with excellent feedback.

Do you have any other author names? If so, what are they and what's different about what you write under each name.

Not at the moment but there is a paranormal story in me that I have written only one chapter for but the story is itching to come to life in it's entirety. So I think if I ever get around to publishing it, I will go with a pen name. Possibly my initials and maiden name.

What inspires your writing?

There is not one specific thing that inspires me. It comes in many forms. Sometimes I could be watching something on TV and think (the romantic in me) that would be cute if that guy and that girl hit it off. Of course they don't so I think hmm... maybe I could write a story about a couple like that.. or it'll just come to me at any given time or moment, the shower, while I'm driving,,.or even when I'm writing one story I'll think...no this can't happen in this story but wow that's a good idea for another story all together. =)

How many books do you plan on writing each year?

I'm not really planning. But this year for example I have the one currently being edited and I'm almost done with the novella that hopefully should be out some time in late summer. Once done with this novella I will dive into the third and final in the series which I anticipate to be the longest so it may be done in time for the holidays but I'm not sure the story is in my head and it just keeps developing more and more. It's getting long.

Do you have a website recommendation for other writers?

Absolutely. Nothing has helped me more helpful with developing my writing than websites like Critique Circle. Once I published Indie Authors Unite and Independent Author Network have both been enormously helpful in getting my name out there with cross promoting. I've also had the great opportunity to meet and share ideas with other wonderful Indie authors.

Thanks for having me. For more on myself and my writing visit my website www.ElizabethReyes.com