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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: November 01, 2007

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Hello Diane,

The girls of Night Owl Romance are pleased that you have granted us an interview

We would love to get to know you

Could you please start by telling us a little about yourself?

Hello, Night Owl Romance! My name is Diane Wylie. I am the mother of two grown children, the wife of an ex-racecar driver, a graduate of Rutgers University, an ex-schoolteacher, the caretaker of two squeaky guinea pigs, and the writer of both romance novels and technical manuals (my day job). Right now I am concentrating on historical romance, my favorite genre. Heroes who come dashing in on horseback.ahhh!

If you could be one of your characters - Who would you be? And why?

I think there is a little bit of me in all of my characters, but the one I would most like to be is Lila Montgomery, the heroine of my third Civil War romance, "Lila's Vow" (release date March 2009). She is strong and brave, and she gets to do some exciting things as a Pinkerton agent. In addition, Lila's husband is one hunky, great guy.

What's your favorite genre to read?

Historical romance and romantic comedy are my favorite. Right now I am devouring every Janet Evanovich book I can find.

Who or what influences you when you write?

I am influenced the most by my husband, who is a Vietnam veteran. I write about ordinary soldiers from a different time period, but my characters are not generals, nor are they famous. My heroes are men doing a hard job with little thanks, like the majority of U.S. soldiers. The love my characters find in each other is akin to the relationship between my husband and myself.or at least, I try to write it that way.

What do you do on a typical writing day?

I do most of my writing in the evenings, usually in front of the TV, oddly enough. Sometimes I get inspiration from something that's on.

When you have writer's block how do you break free?

Usually reading the works of other authors helps bring my muse back, letting me write again.

Can you please give us a sneak peek at any of your upcoming books?

I have two books coming out in 2008 and 2009. They are the stories of two young men who join the 17th Pennsylvania cavalry thinking it will be a grand adventure. They soon discover how wrong they are, but both encounter ladies who become the loves of their lives.

Book One: American Heroes

"Jenny's Passion" - release date November 2008 from Vintage Romance Publishing

It was November 1863 and Captain David Reynolds of the Seventeenth Pennsylvania Cavalry was fully prepared to die. Someone had once told him that dying was quite painless. He didn't believe it, though he secretly hoped it was true as he and his men prepared to ride into chaos and horror. The battle of Mine Run had begun.

Jennifer Winston could hear the booming sounds of cannon fire miles away from her Virginia home. She knew that the war had begun two years ago, but had been insulated from it all by her father. Little did she know that her life was about to irrevocably change and she would be tested to the limits of her courage and endurance for a man-a man who was the enemy.

Book Two: American Heroes "Lila's Vow" - release data March 2009 from Vintage Romance Publishing

Schoolteacher Lila Sutton lived a peaceful life in her hometown of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania until the summer of 1863. When war visits her home, it brings a man who attracts her like no other. She must have him. Just when she thinks she has landed the man of her dreams, her world is shattered with the arrival of a letter reporting his death. She vows revenge against his killers. Her perfect chance comes with a chance encounter with a Pinkerton agent. Cavalryman, Jack Montgomery's strength and courage are tested to the limits when he is captured and sent to the infamous Andersonville prison. When escape finally comes, a year has passed since he has seen his loving bride. Their reunion finds that each has changed. Jack is battling lingering effects from his imprisonment, but his troubles go deeper than that. He discovers that Lila is now a spy, and her partner tries to kill him. The attraction between Lila and Jack is still undeniable despite everything. Then, to Jack's horror, Lila is kidnapped right out from under his nose. To save her, Jack is forced to join forces with handsome Lila's ex-partner.a man he doesn't trust.

Please tell us what you have planned next?

I am working on a new historical now that is filled with action, adventure, and intrigue. It is the story of two Pinkerton agents who have to decode cryptic letters in their search for stolen gold.

What kind of research do you do for your books? Do you enjoy the research process?

I do lots of research both in books and on the internet to get the kind of historical accuracy that I need. I love to learn new things and research is chock full of new things to learn. For "Secrets and Sacrifices" I researched a lot of Civil War medical information to bring realism to my hero, surgeon Captain Daniel Reid. It was fascinating.

My husband and I went on a Ghost Tour at Fort Delaware, which was used as a Confederate prison during the Civil War. It was such an intimidating and stark place-I had to include it in "Secrets and Sacrifices!" Live research is fun too.

What would you like to tell your readers?

I would like to tell them all.THANK YOU!!! I have gotten some of the best letters from readers who tell me that they can't put my books down. That helps keep me writing!

I'd also like to give you a little back cover blurb for my current release, "Secrets and Sacrifices," available at Amazon, and bookstores everywhere.

The slowly starving South, lack of medical supplies, and desperate runaway slaves motivate Charlie and Daniel to take risks beyond their wildest imaginations.

How could they possibly know that their paths would cross during the worst time in their lives and where that path would lead? Address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group?

Diane's Website: http://www.dianewylie.com. I have a MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/dianewylie. I also have a blog at http://dianewylie.blogspot.com. I am also on Bebo: http://www.bebo.com/DianeMWylie

If they would like to email me, they can reach me at diane@dianewylie.com.

Thank you for this opportunity!