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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: January 01, 2014

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Current Release: Wicked After Midnight

Describe your current release in two sentences?

The third book in the steampunk paranormal romance Blud series from Pocket follows carnival contortionist and Bludman Demi Ward to the cabarets of Paris... and a handsome brigand with a heart of gold.

What are you working on?

I'm planning the launch party for my next Blud books, Wicked After Midnight and The Damsel and the Daggerman; working on publicity for my first YA, Servants of the Storm, which is out in August 2014; waiting on edit notes from my most recent sale, a YA pre-dystopian called DELINQUENT; and writing my next book, a geeky YA contemporary that's basically a gender-swapped She's All That.

Getting a book to market often takes a village. Who has helped you on the way?

My agent, Kate McKean, is a complete godsend and helps with everything from book planning to major revisions to publicity. My editors at Simon & Schuster are phenomenal and really take every book to the next level. My husband Craig is also a writer and functions as my alpha reader. The Red Door Writers Group keeps me going and provides great feedback, as do my beta readers. The readers, authors, agents, and editors I've met on Twitter always help spread the word and offer answers to crowdsourced questions. I am grateful for my village and always let the Acknowledgments page of my books get way too big.

Do you have a favorite or interesting reader meet moment?

TONS of them. A lovely fan named Ellen brought me a bludbunny figurine at the Carniepunk signing in Houston, while at the same time, one of Kevin Hearne's fans brought him a huge pan of barbecue. Some of my favorite moments occur when guys fangirl over the books, because I really wrote the story to be dude-friendly. I'm so grateful to everyone who enjoys the books and spreads the word!

What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

Twitter, definitely. @DelilahSDawson

Thanks so much for reading, y'all! You can always find me on Twitter and my website, and I hope you like The Damsel and the Daggerman and Wicked After Midnight! :)

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