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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: February 19, 2009

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Thanks for joining me today on Night Owl Romance.

Tammie King of NOR: To get us started can you please start by telling us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?

Cheryl Brooks: I just finished writing Fugitive, (fall 2009) which is the fifth book in The Cat Star Chronicles series. The third book, Rogue is coming out March 1, 2009, and Outcast will be out June 1, 2009. I'm getting ready to start writing the sixth book, Hero, which should be out in the Spring 2010. Tammie King of NOR: Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

Cheryl Brooks: I'm a fifty-three year old wife, mother, critical care nurse, horse lover, gardener, cook, and romance writer.

Tammie King of NOR: If you could be one of the characters from this book - Who would you be? And why?

Cheryl Brooks: My heroine in Rogue is Kyra Aramis, a piano teacher. I chose this as her calling because at the time I began developing the idea for the book, I had just bought my husband a keyboard for his birthday and was trying to teach myself how to play it. I've been a guitar player since age 10, but I still can't play piano worth a darn, so I sort of envy Kyra her ability.

Tammie King of NOR: Who or what influenced you when you wrote this book? Did you have a CD, Songs, environment, etc?

Cheryl Brooks: I write in a very isolated spot-at the desk in my bedroom which is at the back of the house. I don't listen to music while I write because I find it too distracting, but songs do influence me. I listen to lyrics and get ideas from them-mostly about the way men feel in certain situations. I have to assume that when a man writes a song, those lyrics come from his heart, and that's a place that, as a woman, I've never been and can only guess at what goes on there. It helps me to have a better insight into how it feels for a man to be in love.

Tammie King of NOR: Can you please give us a sneak peek into the book?

Cheryl Brooks: Rogue is the tale of two Zetithian brothers, Trag and Tychar, alien warriors who were captured and sold into slavery near the end of the war that resulted in the near extinction of their kind. They have been the pampered pets of a Darconian queen for the past twenty years, and though their lives haven't been hard, being the lone humanoid males on a planet populated by lizards hasn't allowed them much in the way of sexual gratification. However, the progressive Queen Scalia has hired a human female, Kyra Aramis, to give piano lessons to her daughter. You can guess what happens after that!

Tammie King of NOR: Please tell us what you have planned next?

Cheryl Brooks: I've got an option for two more books at the end of this series-which may continue the series, or may be something completely different. Right now, I just don't know!

Tammie King of NOR: What kind of research did you do for this book? Did you enjoy the research process?

Cheryl Brooks: When writing science fiction, a lot of what you write comes from your own imagination, and this one had more of that than most because it was a desert planet with a completely different brand of technology. There were a few things I researched, particularly regarding the piano-playing aspect of the story, and I found this to be quite enjoyable. For other books, I get on the Internet and look up all sorts of things, sometimes going off on tangents that have nothing to do with the writing, but are nonetheless fascinating.

Tammie King of NOR: What would you like to tell your readers?

Cheryl Brooks: If I can take you away from your everyday trials and tribulations, then I've done what I set out to do. I don't expect my books to be taken too seriously. They are intended to be light-hearted, escapist entertainment, not deep, soul-searching drama, so let them take you away to another time and place and have fun with them!

Tammie King of NOR: Do you belong to a critique group? If so, how does this help or hinder you?

Cheryl Brooks: Not officially, but Marie Force (a fellow Sourcebooks Casablanca author of Line of Scrimmage and the upcoming Love at First Flight) and I exchange manuscripts and scenes once in a while and give each other feedback. She's helped me a great deal, especially since, starting with book four, I'm now writing them in third person instead of first. There's a different technique to third person, and a whole new set of rules that I didn't know anything about!

Tammie King of NOR: Thanks for joining us again. Before you go please tell our readers how they can get your books and how to keep abreast of your work. Do you have a website, newsletter, etc.

Cheryl Brooks: My books are available in bookstores (Borders, Barnes & Noble, and others) and online at and several other sites. Some of them are also offered in the Kindle format and as ebooks.

My website is I also contribute to the Sourcebooks Casablanca Authors group blog at, as well as the Paranormal Authors blog

Tammie King of NOR: Can you please give us a sneak peek at any of your upcoming books?

Cheryl Brooks: Outcast is the story of Lynx, another Zetithian who was once a harem slave but is now free. His experience servicing fifty female slaves has left him bitter, impotent, and seeking only to live a life without women. But when he immigrates to the newly colonized world of Terra Minor, a job working on Bonnie Neurath's farm is the only choice he has; it's either that or be deported. Bonnie isn't looking for love, either. Her most recent boyfriend has left her with a farm, a mortgage, some really vicious indigenous livestock, and with child. Needless to say, men are not high on her list of favorites, but she needs help. Neither of them is looking for love, but they find it, in

Tammie King of NOR: Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

Cheryl Brooks: I love hearing from you! I'm open to questions anytime on my email or blog.

Tammie King of NOR: What would be the best way for readers contact you? Do you have a website? Email address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group?

Cheryl Brooks: You can email me at I post regularly on the Casablanca Authors and Wickedly Romantic blogs, plus, I now have my own blog, Cheryl Brooks Erotic Blogspot.

Thank you for this opportunity!

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