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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: October 10, 2014

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Hi Becca! Thanks for joining me today and sharing Black Ice and your career with our readers.

How did you feel when Hush, Hush took off?

I didn't expect it. I tried to get published for 5 years. I submitted to agents and publishers and got back rejection letters. Getting published was a miracle. After the first book there was also a darker side. Big pressure came with a second book. I wanted the second book to live up to readers expectations. It needed to be just as good.

How did you prepare for your first book? Did you do promotion yourself or did your publisher step up?

My publisher Simon and Schuster was a big help. They scheduled a joint 5 stop tour. I was very nervous. 5 days was a lot. Now a 5 day tour would be easy.

And now for your current release. Did you do anything different?

My publisher set up more conference opportunities and a two week tour. After having my first series I now also have a fan base. I've kept in contact with my fans via social media. I let them know something was coming. It's been two years since my last Hush, Hush series book.

What is it like being on tour? What's the best and worst thing?

The best thing is meeting readers. Some of them come from very far distances. This evening we had a reader come down from Canada. It's great to see the impact my books have on the readers.

The worst thing would have to be living out of a suitcase and traveling through the airports. When touring you need to have what you need and pack light.

What has it been like releasing your first non Hush, Hush series book? With Black Ice you are publishing something quite new.

It's been exciting and nerve racking. I hoped it would be received well. It is something new for me and it was a challenge. But I needed to do something new and grow.

What inspired Black Ice?

A horror movie from high school. For my senior year my family planned a wilderness Teton Range vacation. I ended up getting sick and not joining them. During that time I turned on the TV and started watching a movie about a woman who was being held in the mountains by a lovesick man. That movie left an impression on me. So the book is loosely based on the movie and set in the Teton Range.

What did you do to research mountain life and the kidnapping scenario?

My husband and I took a trip to the Tetons. We scoped out locations and conditions. It was a very isolated setting. I met with some backpackers and military survivalist. I was told someone could survive for up to four days before being found. That they would need to seek shelter and stay dry. We found an awesome tree that had fallen over with the roots handing down. That made it into the story.

What's next?

Sapphire Skies is next. It's a YA Thriller. Stella has witnessed a murder and ends up in the witness protection program. She's from Philadelphia and ends up in Nebraska. She ends up falling in love along the way. But the bad guys are on her tail as they don't want her testifying in the murder case.