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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: January 25, 2011

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The Shifters of 2040 | Eloquent Enraptures Publishing | Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance | Dec 2010

3 species. Divided lovers. The race is on for planet Earth.

Before April fell in love with Robert and Arken in the Hunted of 2060, her human mother Melissa played an important role in the SCM, the military responsible for the massacre of her ancestors.

Dive deep into the motivations behind Melissa, Bruce, General Raul, and the Colonel Marn. Discover new characters in the SCM and with the shifters. Rediscover old faces.

Please describe your writing environment.

I write in my bedroom with my computer to my window over looking a beautiful lake. The Lake on the House Children's series will be coming out soon. A Collection of tales on a lake.

Please tell us your latest news!

I just met John McLaughlin, screen writer of Black Swan. One of them anyhow. Great discussion and slipped him my Shifters of 2040 .pdf book with the promo video. Fingers Crossed!

I also entered Shifters of 2040 into the Amazon Break-Through Novel 2011!

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Jane Austen has a way of describing that I find such delight in, and isn't found today. I enjoy subtle poetic nuances of language, verbose descriptions and narrative...not just dialogue. But then, not everyone feels the same way.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I enjoy third and first person. I am poetic with prose and descriptive and also use a lot of narrative.

Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

Main characters are usually planned in advanced, but minor character sometimes spring up and become more major than anticipated.

Who has been your best supporter? How have they been there for you?

My high school friend, Dana Hutchinson, has been real supportive, buying my books. I have a lot of support though from friends and family.

Do you have any cool promo tricks you can share with other writers?

I suggest Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, and take advantage of out-of-the-box creative ideas online and offline, such as passing out bookmarks after a movie.

Do you have any animals? Do they influence your writing?

My Siamese cat, Lotus inspired the first book in the Shifter Evolutions saga. See my website for more details on that under Behind the Scenes.

If a bookstore was putting up "Is Like" plaques, who would be listed as being like you?

Maggie Steifvarter | George Lucas | Gena Showater

If you had to choose one person to have dinner with, who would it be? And why?

James Cameron and I would want to pitch the Shifter Evolutions saga as a six part movie to him.

What main genre do you write in?

Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance

Ami Blackwelder