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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: February 07, 2014

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Current Release: The Penny Capitalist

Describe your current release in two sentences?

It's a pragmatic way to alter the perception of the money you don’t have and not a capability of creating a future with money you could have.

What are you working on?

Currently I'm working on editing my new book, The Salon des Femmes, which is teaching men and women how to get together for real.

Getting a book to market often takes a village. Who has helped you on the way?

Diva Diaz, Joy Voeth, Simone Milasas, everyone man and woman I've ever met…James Hester by meeting him and seeing that he actually applies what he wrote to create the book he created, and he's created his life from there since then with those same principles.

Do you have a favorite or interesting reader meet moment?

The people who have said to me 'thank you for recommending this book because this changed my life financially.

The greatest difficulty most people have in creating greater wealth and greater money in their life is not realizing they can start with the pennies they have, not wait for the big bucks to come in before they start. This book will change the way you look at and handle your finances!