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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: March 24, 2014

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Current Release: To Catch a Creeper: A Crouch End Confidential Mystery

Describe your current release by starting out with "In a world".

In a world where all the stars seem favorably aligned, Cathy's unexpectedly perfect universe is suddenly derailed when enemies sabotage her new career, her best friend's pregnancy goes wrong, and husband Declan shows signs of losing his mind. Hiding a shameful secret, Cathy is forced into a strange double life of lies and deceptions while tracking down the notorious Crouch End Creeper, a burglar who has killed once and won't hesitate to kill again.

What are you working on?

We have a fifth novel - Million Dollar Question - actually fully completed except that one of us - won't say who - decided she wanted to make a 'few last minute changes' and who knows where that will lead... We're also in the process of writing the third novel with Cathy O'Farrell in our 'Crouch End Confidential' series. We hope to do several more books with these characters - they're so much fun to write. We love cosy mysteries and Cathy seems to have a talent for getting herself into funny over-complicated situations.

Getting a book to market often takes a village. Who has helped you on the way?

So many - first, obviously, our agents, Caroline and Joanna at Hardman Swainson. Then there's Andrew Brown at Design For Writers who created these fantastic funny attention-grabbing covers. For 'To Catch A Creeper' we had a great editor/proof reader in Wendy James, who marmelized our editorial and grammatical blunders. And we couldn't exist without the amazing support of bloggers, reviewers and friends, including Carol Smith, former literary agent and bestselling author, who got Lorraine writing in the first place. We're immensely grateful to them all.

Do you have a favorite or interesting reader meet moment?

When Random House published our first novel, ‘How to Survive Your Sisters’, we had a book signing in a local Waterstones, persuading the managers of the bookstore and the mall to let us offer free drinks to all. (Had to lure them in somehow.) With pink sparkling wine flowing and Lorraine’s husband, over from America, bringing in the crowds with his flamboyant attitude, we sold a lot of books and had a whole bunch of fun with the shoppers who’d lined up, fairly bemused by the whole thing. I think the most enthusiastic was a 13-year-old girl who, despite our warning it might not be suitable, absolutely insisted her dad buy her a copy - we were just grateful there were no graphic sex scenes. And then there was the old lady who stomped up and said 'I survived my sisters, buried every last one' and hobbled away, leaving us fumbling for an adequate reply.

What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

Lorraine: Well, Google has a lot to answer for and I love to read but often I head to the horse corrals with muck fork and start scooping manure. It's a way of telling myself I'm being virtuous and hardworking while secretly I'm listening to an audiobook that I can't bear to leave.

Pam: I spent far too much time on the internet, either twitter, facebook or reading about other people’s novels through all the great book blog sites. I’m telling myself I’m researching, but really I’m just finding it all so fascinating.

Thanks so much for having us on Night Owl Reviews and reviewing four of our novels! And thanks to all our wonderful readers - keep a look out for our next book Million Dollar Question, the story of two very different women, whose lives are overturned by a dramatic reversal of fortune on the very same day. It's a story of twists, turns, coincidences and luck, good and bad and it should be coming out within the year. If you want to find out more about the two sisters who make up Ellie Campbell you can check out our blog, Twitter and Facebook page.

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