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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: June 24, 2017

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Hi Patricia. Thanks for stopping over to discuss your Klepto Cat series. I love the title of that series. It's so true about cats.

What is your current release?

Cattywampus Travels--A Klepto Cat Mystery

What's it about?

This is book 23 in the Klepto Cat Mystery Series featuring Rags, a cat who takes things. Sometimes the things he takes turn out to be clues in the current mystery. In this story, Rags travels with his family to participate in a series of signings for a children's book he stars in. Along the way, he escapes and does a little Rags style adventuring, he makes the news when he's catnapped, he helps to locate a run-away child (one of his specialties), he saves the day for a woman who lost her passport on the eve of a trip to meet her newly adopted son, and he causes a commotion on his first airline flight. He's also reunited with one of his biggest fans--a small girl with a loving heart. This cozy mystery is presented in the same light, fun, and humorous fashion as the other 22 books in the series and is available in print and Kindle.

What is your writing place like?

My cozy mysteries are created in a cozy office in my home where you're apt to find a cat or two lolling and playing and where kitty-cat posters, photos, and such decorate the walls. My most prized embellishment is the series of frames displaying all 23 (so far) Klepto Cat Mystery book covers. During meditative moments, the cats and I enjoy watching a variety of birds at the feeders outside the window.

Is your home a place of order or chaos?

Pretty much order. I like order.

When it comes to your first draft, do you write via computer or notepad? or Both?

Computer--which is a big jump from that manual typewriter I started with.

Do you have any kids? Has your writing inspired them to read / write?

Three adult daughters, 6 adult grandchildren (two of whom want to write children's books) and 6 great grandchildren.

What's next for you as an author?

Many more Klepto Cat Mysteries to come, I hope. And I'm toying with the idea of establishing another series--maybe someday.

Where are your books available?

All of my Klepto Cat Mysteries are available at Amazon in print, and for your Kindle. Book One is also an audio book.

Do you like to cook?

I'm beginning to look at cooking as a creative endeavor as opposed to something that had to be done. So yes, sometimes I find myself enjoying the process.

Do you have any pets? If yes, do your pets play a part in your writing?

I currently have two cats, Lily (a tabby) and Sophie (a tortie)--both formerly feral rescues. Lily helped to inspire the Klepto Cat Mysteries as she constantly brings me her stuffed animal toys. Sometimes she'll even bring me my slippers. I patterned Rags, the star in my stories, after my mother's part ragdoll cat, Smokey as he is so confident, self-assured, and has a strong mind of his own. And those two cats continue to inspire the flow of stories in this series.

At what point did you know you wanted to publish a book?

I've been writing for publication for over 40 years--always nonfiction. I had 42 books to my credit when I wrote the first Klepto Cat Mystery. Now I'm hooked on fiction--in particular cozy, feel-good mysteries. I decided to write fiction as a gift to myself when I realized five years ago that I was growing weary of writing "give-me-the-facts, ma'am," stuff. And I see no end to my adventure as a novelist.

What is our favorite drink?


Do you feel music has inspired your writing?


What's your day job like?

I established a writing career in 1973, using a manual typewriter to pound out articles for a wide variety of magazines. I as a columnist for a newspaper for years and, along the way, I wrote a book now and then. I'm currently the author of 65 books and counting. My favorite thing to do each day is write and I generally start around four each morning. I know the importance of variety, fresh air, and exercise, so I walk daily--often with my camera. Every creative being (and that's all of us) need a creative outlet even from a creative profession. Naturally, authors must promote--so I spend time every chance I get in promotion mode, as well as writing mode.

Is there a book you would recommend to other authors / aspiring authors to help them with their writing?

I spent a good part of my writing career writing books and articles and speaking to authors--but not about writing. My contribution was related to the business of writing--publishing, book promotion, writing a book proposal, presentations, etc. And no, I don't know of a book I'd recommend to help with writing. My goal was and still is to help authors realize that writing is a craft and certainly important, but publishing is a business and should be approached as such.

What place is on the top of your to travel to list?

I love Alaska, but also enjoy relaxing in a tropical paradise.

What genres do you write in and what inspired you to write in these genres?

I wrote nonfiction for years--I was totally taken in by the possibilities in nonfiction. Do you realize how many ways there are to write on a particular subject? That fact fascinated me. I now write cozy mysteries because that's the type of fiction I prefer reading. It's light and fun with only a little terror, but no gore, explicit violence or sex and, as readers tell me all the time, they'd really like to know my characters personally. I chose not to put words in the cat character's mouth. No talking cats, dogs, horses, etc. in my stories. The animals behave as their species dictates, with a few surprises here and there.

It's been great having you over.

Thank you for the opportunity.

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