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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: November 21, 2017

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Hi Liz! Great to have you here at Night Owl Romance. We are excited to spend some time with you. Your new series is about the Hudson Kings -- tell us a bit about this group. Who are they? What do they do?

The Hudson Kings series is about a group of ridiculously talented skills-for-hire men who live and work in an armory in Manhattan. Each superhot mercenary has his own specialty and together the men form a family unit that works together and plays together. They take on missions, sometimes for money, sometimes for sport, sometimes for love. The team is rounded out by a set of supporting characters with their own deliciously mixed-up relationships, and while the series is considered romantic suspense, there’s plenty of the sort of laugh-out-loud banter that will keep you turning the pages. As my editor says, “Hot guys, fast cars, danger, sex appeal and wisecracks.”

The hero in your novel THE FINANCIER is the money man for the Hudson Kings. What exactly does that entail?

Nick knows how to move money, make money, steal money, and hide money. Before this book, he’s been more of a desk jockey for the team than a player in the field, and that’s something that bothers him. He feels like he’s got something to prove.

What it is it about Nick that makes him a great hero? What is it about him that first attracts Jane?

There is a sweetness inside Nick that comes out right away. He’s this amazing combination of bad-ass and confident, but he doesn’t hide his poetic heart. Jane’s tough and she’s not interested in catering to the whims of a rich man; Nick’s wealth doesn’t impress her. She meets him as an equal and she’s a straight-shooter, and hilarious to boot.

Jane has a rather uneventful life (that is until she gets caught up with Nick). How does she react to the chaos that comes along with a relationship with him?

It turns out that Jane is the daughter of grifters—she’s actually used to chaos, she’s used to being left to her own devices, she’s used to being forced to figure things out as they come. That’s one of the reasons she and Nick fit together so perfectly—there’s nothing much he can throw at her, even being a member of a mercenary team, that can make her blink.

Nick has gotten himself in a bit of trouble with the Russian mob. Is this something new for him or is his life in jeopardy a lot?

It’s a little bit new because he’s not the type to make mistakes, and this trouble came out of a mistake that he made. The guys who are part of the Hudson Kings are always in and out of danger; this is the first time Nick has made a really bad move. That said, there was a reason behind it…

How does Nick change once he meets Jane? What changes does Jane go through once she is in this relationship?

Nick has to learn how to let himself love, and Jane helps him do just that. Jane has to put aside the mistake that she made with her last boss. They both have to overcome the weight of the past and have the courage to take a chance on each other.

Your series is full of suspense and bad guys -- how do you balance out the romance with the action?

I really prefer a high quotient of romance and team stuff in my romantic suspense. This series definitely puts the focus on the relationships, both between the h/h and between the guys on the mercenary team. I love the fast-paced action scenes, but I also love the moments when the guys are just kicking back at the armory.

What can you tell us about the next Hudson King to get a book?

It might be the team leader, Rothgar. Because he and Ally have been simmering for two books. That’s the book I’m writing now, and when I’m done, I’ll see if it’s the right time for his book. Because Chase is bugging me…he want his book NOW.

It's been great having you over.

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