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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: March 30, 2017

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Hi K.H., Glad to have you back again. Please tell us about your latest release, "Cave of Secrets" the third NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES book.

So far, you have battled shadows. Those forces will get stronger.

And so shall you.

~ The Medicine Woman Sevenhawks

A demon force is taking over Oak Haven and people are dying in horrific ways. Somewhere beneath the city lies the hidden chamber and the Secrets to the Origins of Life. If only Sera can find it, maybe she can stop the violence. Sera needs her dad to help her and she’s certain he’s still alive. But in order to save him, Sera must make a pact with her nemesis, Fabian Gore. The Night Angel, Peter, has vowed to love and protect Sera, but even he can’t help her in this task. Only the “girl with crazy eyes” can lead Sera to her father. Sera’s power is growing. She and the Key of Mystery are becoming one. But all that power will be useless if she can’t find her dad.

Welcome to volume three in NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES

At what point did you know you wanted to publish a book?

I started writing stories and drawing pictures as soon as I could pick up a pencil as a child. I am also an artist and a visual thinker. My sister and I would make up stories when we were young and try to outdo one another with how imaginative or scary they were. She was older than me and I was extremely gullible. She always got me believing her stories.

Is your home a place of order or chaos?

Let's say controlled chaos. I have to have order around me to write or draw. That said, I have disciplined myself to be able to write in noisy environments, like when my kids were little and I had to tune out their voices in order to work. I have also been traveling around the world for the past two years, finding inspiration in places such as Istanbul, the Sahara Desert, Bolivia and Costa Rica. So I have learned to set up my computer pretty much anywhere I happen to be. I have had the pleasure of writing some pretty incredible (and distracting) views. I love the freedom of being a writer and going anywhere. All I need is my backpack with my electronics, my passport and a small suitcase and I am good!

What genres do you write in and what inspired you to write in these genres?

NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES is Urban Fantasy. I was inspired to write in this genre because I was able to indulge my over-active imagination with creating the amazing Lizard City beneath Los Angeles and the fantastical vampires, denizens, angels and demons. It meant I could also put in the gritty and very real world of Oak Haven, peeling back the facade on suburban American to expose the horrors that lie beneath. I could incorporate the histories of the Night Angels, going back to ancient Egypt and the Ottoman Empire--a lot of fun! I also have nineteen children's books published that I have written and/or illustrated, including the best-sellers, The Rumpoles and The Barleys. I am working on a memoir and a series of short stories. I am the award-winning author of numerous essays. I write a lot about raising kids as a single parent on the mean streets of Los Angeles suburbia. I co-founded a creative writing program for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles and my work with youth inspired my writing and some of the characters in NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES series.

What is our favorite drink?

Strong coffee in the morning. And I am partial to a good gin and tonic, especially when hanging out someplace like the jungles of Central of America.

What is your writing place like?

Well, as I said it changes depending on where I am. I am a wanderer, and finally now that my kids are grown, I can indulge that part of myself. All I need is a table and a chair, or a bed on which to sit. My most important possession is my backpack and everything that I put inside of it. My computer, my phone, my battery charger, my tablet. I download movies so I can watch them in obscure places. I like to have a view. One of the best views I've had was in Costa Rica, where I could see Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano beyond.

What's next for you as an author?

Land of Talismans, #4 in NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES! Key of Mystery, Book of Angels and Cave of Secrets are all out there now. After Land of Talismans comes Throne of Desire and then, the grand finale, Door of Destiny.

It has been great having you on NOR.

Thanks so much, readers! I hope you enjoy Cave of Secrets. You can read it on its own, but of course I hope you will want to read all three!

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