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Date: January 30, 2018

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All We Knew is a romance set in your Cabot series. What can you tell readers about the Cabots?

The Cabot family looks, to the outside world, like a family that has everything—a hugely successful business, wealth, and beauty. But when you look beneath the surface, there are many fissures. Sibling rivalry, mistrust, mental illness, chronic illness, and infertility, to list a few. While each novel focuses on one of the three siblings, the relationships among all of them and their parents is played out across the the series.

Hunter Cabot is your current hero. What makes him a great protagonist? What will readers like most about him?

Early reader feedback has been split when it comes to Hunter. Some are completely sympathetic to his difficult position, while others are firmly on his wife’s side of their arguments.

I think he’s a good protagonist because, like so many of us, he has great intentions but doesn’t always prioritize well. He’s got to learn that his goals aren’t the only ones that matter, and that being a good husband isn’t about the grand gestures, but about being present every day. I hope readers will like him despite his flaws because, at heart, he’s loyal, dedicated, and loves his wife very much.

Hunter’s marriage to Sara has hit a bit of a rocky patch. What is affecting them? How do they cope?

As if often the case, the differences that can attract us to one another can, over time, become the things that cause the most friction. Sara loved Hunter’s energy and ambition, and he loved her warmth and sense of family. But as the years have worn on and they’ve yet to succeed in starting a family of their own, their priorities are not aligned. Hunter’s invested his sense of self and satisfaction in his work, and now his father’s considering selling the family business Hunter had planned to take over. At the same time, Sara is undergoing fertility treatments. The timing, for Hunter, is very bad because he’s torn between two things that are important to him. Meanwhile, Sara feels alone at a time when she needs him most.

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Most romances are about the ‘chase’ but this is a book that shows what it is like to keep the romance alive once the wedding bells are over. What made you want to tackle a ‘mature’ relationship in All We Knew?

I wanted to stretch and try something different. Sometimes I get a little tired of reading and writing about falling in love because, at my age, I’m interested in other types of love stories. I figured I might not be alone in that desire. Mature women can relate to characters who’re trying to keep love alive long after the “I do.”

Writing Hunter and Sara’s story let me explore some of the issues many marriages, including my own, experience. Communication problems are at the root of most marital problems, so that is the underlying problem I’ve explored in this story.

Many of your readers are (or have been) married. Will they find they have a lot in common with Sara? Do you have anything in common with Sara?

I don’t know that many will have a lot in common with Sara on the surface. Although raised in a middle class family, she’s now leading a very privileged life as Hunter’s wife. So privileged, in fact, that some may think she shouldn’t complain.

But I hope that readers will relate to her desire to be a mother and recreate a close and loving family like the one she grew up with (as opposed to the dysfunctional Cabot family). I also think many wives will relate, to some degree, to her complaints about her husband’s priorities and his focus on his career. Many might also relate to her need to feel heard and understood.

Personally, I do not have a lot in common with Sara other than her frankness and her basic need to be truly heard and understood by her husband.

Getting to a happily ever after can be a struggle for any couple, what makes Sara and Hunter’s story unique?

I hesitate to answer because it will give away some of the plot twists involved in how they, ultimately, find compromise and create a family.

Is there another Cabot on the horizon that will be getting a story?

Gentry’s book (When You Knew) comes out in June. She first appeared in Before I Knew and has a big role in Hunter and Sara’s story. She’s been a bit of a brat throughout the series, so I knew I had a lot of work to do to redeem her. I think readers will be surprised by the Gentry they get to know more intimately in her story, which is a little lighter and more fun that the first two books in this series. Her hero, a humanitarian EMT, is also very different. I enjoyed ending the series with an upbeat story, and I hope readers do, too. It seemed appropriate to wrap up all the family relationships on a high note.

About the Book


Hunter Cabot deeply loves two things: the international tea company he’s helped his father build, and his wife, Sara. From the moment he first saw her wide smile on their college campus years ago, Hunter fell hard. Yet now, with other family members pushing to sell the thriving business and Sara grieving their failure to start a family, he’s suddenly facing the crushing loss of both.

The relentless ambition that Sara once admired in Hunter is now driving them apart. Each missed doctor’s appointment, neglected dinner date, and family squabble accentuates their differing priorities. Still, Sara struggles to create the home life they’d envisioned, until unsettling developments—both personal and professional—push them to the breaking point.

When love is put to the ultimate test, can Hunter and Sara stop fighting each other long enough to fight for their marriage?

Author Biography

Jamie Beck is a former attorney with a passion for inventing stories about love and redemption. In addition to writing novels, she also pens articles on behalf of a local nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth and strengthening families. Fortunately, when she isn’t tapping away at the keyboard, she is a grateful wife and mother to a very patient, supportive family.