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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: March 03, 2017

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Today we have Cindy A. and Adrian J. Matthews with us. Hi Cindy. Hi Adrian. Thanks for coming and visiting with us and the readers. Please tell us about your book "Olivia's Return".

Olivia's Return is book two in a three book series set on the alien world of BloodDark. In book one, Olivia's Escape, Olivia is a young adult who is abducted via the Portal by the Pure Bloods, vampiric aliens who need fresh DNA to keep their race alive. She discovers her captors have been to Earth many times over the centuries and have abducted many thousands of humans, who now live as slaves on BloodDark along with their descendants. Olivia joins a resistance group and fights for their independence, eventually returning to Earth with the help of the handsome part-vampire Hernando and her good friends Valori and Annara.

At the start of book two, Olivia's Return, Olivia and Hernando both live on Earth, where he is the BloodDark ambassador to the U.N. Olivia realizes the two worlds will be in conflict forever unless they can work out their differences and the new ruling council of BloodDark is respected. She decides to go undercover on BloodDark as a "vampire mail-order bride" to infiltrate the Clan Alpha House to discover how they are illegally selling Pure Blood artwork to billionaires on Earth to gain funding to upset the balance of power. But first she must first lie to Hernando and her parents about her whereabouts and the dangerous situation she is putting herself into. When Olivia's spy mission is discovered by her Pure Blood hosts, there is nowhere to run and no one can save her but herself… How she solves the mystery of the illegal sales, saves herself and both Earth and BloodDark and reunites with Hernando will be revealed in book three, Olivia's Decision.

What is your writing place like?

Both of our writing places are pretty messy! Cindy writes on her laptop most days, sitting in her reclining chair. Adrian writes on his PC at his desk covered with various books, papers and assorted paraphernalia. We used to share the same office space, but somehow it works better when we're separated during the writing part and come together during the editing aspects of creating the BloodDark series.

Is your home a place of order or chaos?

Chaos rules supreme! We tend to get involved in many things...Our calendar is filled with events and SF conventions we attend. Chaos inspires creativity in a writer. It would be boring if everything in life were neat and tidy, wouldn't it?

When it comes to your first draft, do you write via computer or notepad? or Both?

We both write on computers. Sometimes we'll write on paper while traveling, but more often than not, we type our thoughts directly into a computer. We've both been typing for decades in various day jobs, and it just seems natural to create that way.

What's next for you as authors?

We're working on book three in the BloodDark--Olivia series, and then we thought we'd change things up and write about another time period in BloodDark's history and how the humans and the Pure Bloods interact with each other, possibly with a young man as the main character. Adrian is thinking airships and other steampunk adventures in cities that abducted humans have carved out of the wilderness away from the Pure Bloods in their more Gothic-styled BloodDark City. It sounds exciting, doesn't it?

How do you feel about reviews?

Support your favorite authors--read and review their books and drop them an email from time to time telling them what you like. We appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

Do you like to cook?

Yes! Adrian loves to bake bread and cookies and assorted fattening things, too. We both enjoy stir fry recipes and trying out new combinations of ingredients. In the summer, we often use organic vegetables from our garden in our dishes.

Is there a book you would recommend to other authors / aspiring authors to help them with their writing?

Defeating the Slushpile Monster by Cindy A. Matthews is a great "how not to be published" guide book for aspiring authors to find helpful (and funny) hints on the writing and publishing process.

Thanks to you both for joining us today.

Thank you to all the kind readers who read our books--both the ones we've written as a husband/wife writing team and those we've published separately. We'll keep spinning tales as long as you enjoy reading them.

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