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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: January 27, 2015

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Current Release: OURSELVES: The Nahan Series

What's your book about?

Ourselves is the first peek into a culture that hides in plain sight in our midst. These people are human in every way - they're just a little higher on the food chain than we are.

What should readers expect from you titles?

Most importantly, I hope readers are entertained. Story really is everything. After that, I hope readers take away a renewed curiosity in the world around them. I hope they look at things differently and wonder "Is there more than meets the eye?"

What's your writing process like?

In a word, my writing process is unpretty. It involves a great deal of pacing, swearing, staring blankly into space, questionable hygiene, and coffee. I find I often just have to wait a story out, to stay at the keyboard, writing all kinds of crap until the story relents and gives up its secret. Then there is that glorious (and fleeting) feeling of being strapped to something bigger than you, something barreling ahead that you just get to ride out. During that point in a book, I should really carry around a sign whenever I'm out in public that reads "I'm not listening to you." It's nothing personal, but there's always a point when the story is bigger than the world around me and I can't ignore it. Those are glorious times.

What's next for you as an author?

I'm working on a new mystery thriller that's going in a new direction for me. It's dark (of course. I'm still me.) but it's sort of...quiet? Intimate? I don't quite know how to describe it - that's part of the fun.

What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

I am a procrastinating ninja! Seriously, if procrastinating were an Olympic sport, I would have more medals than Michael Phelps. I can easily lose an entire day on Pinterest (just pinning, not actually bringing any of those great ideas to fruition) or Buzzfeed. But honestly, most of my procrastination comes watching the birds on my back porch. I'm a total bird nerd.

Getting a book to market often takes a village. Who has helped you on the way?

Nobody gets anywhere alone. This book in particular took an enormous village. From my agent, Christine Witthohn, who never gave up on it, to my ferocious friends whose patience I sorely tested, to the amazing team at 47North who are taking a chance on this strange story, Ourselves is coming into the world at the hands of a strong, rarely seen team. Which is funny, since it's about a community of rarely seen people...

Do you feel music has inspired your writing?

I have a funny relationship with music. After fifteen years of morning radio, I cannot work with music on. I can't break that hard-earned habit of listening for posts and/or dead air. But when I'm not actually at the keyboard, I find each book develops its own soundtrack. You can't force it; you can't fake it; but once you hear it, the book comes alive in its own way. The soundtrack can be weird too, not what a reader might expect. For the entire Nahan series, the overall soundtrack is Screaming Trees "Sweet Oblivion." Don't ask me why but I play that album every time I get ready to work on this world.

Wrapping Up:

Thanks to everyone willing to give OURSELVES a chance. It's a weird world but I think we can have some fun in it. Keep your eyes peeled for Book 2: The Reaches (working title.) If you see me around on social media or even - gasp! - the real world, be sure to say hi!