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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: March 06, 2017

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Hi Richard. Thanks for joining us on Night Owl Reviews. Please tell us a bit about your book "Escaping Infinity".

It is about a traveler who gets lost on the way to Phoenix and comes across the Infinity Hotel just as night begins to fall and the car is running low on fuel. He checks in for the night and quickly discovers something isn't quite right about the place. His fears grow even worse when he discovers that there are no exits back to the outside world and it appears that he is the only guest inside the hotel that seems to realize this. He quickly gains an ally and they hunt for a way out but instead discover a terrible reality about the hotel, why they were trapped inside and what it means not only for them but for the entire world.

What is your writing place like?

Quiet, relaxing and very organized.

What's next for you as an author?

I have to finish the last two books of the Del Rio series (Shades and Endgames) and then I go back to sci-fi and a book titled "When The Gods Fell".

How do you feel about reviews?

The one thing every writer really needs is a review, especially on Amazon. The more reviews the better and Amazon actually starts promoting titles once they hit the 50-review plateau. So whether it is one of my books, or any other author's, please go and leave a review. It doesn't have be 5-stars and several paragraphs long, even just "I liked it" or "I didn't like it so much" along with how ever many stars you feel it deserved would help out an author a lot more than you can ever understand.

Do you have a newsletter? If yes, where can readers sign up?

I will have one very soon. For now, send an e-mail to: and put "SIGN ME UP" in the Subject line and you will be added. A subscription window will be added to my website and blog as soon as we work out the bugs.

What is our favorite drink?

Something I call Scribe's Prescription. In a tall glass, place 5 good-sized ice cubes. Then place a slice of lime on top of the ice. Slowly pour a shot of Southern Comfort directly onto the lime (this way you don't bruise the ice) and let it drain down over the ice to the bottom. Then fill the rest of the glass with Dr. Pepper.

Do you feel music has inspired your writing?

Yes, in fact the origin of Escaping Infinity came while listening to Hotel California and thinking that the overall idea of the song would make a great sci-fi/thriller novel.

What genres do you write in and what inspired you to write in these genres?

I write in three genres right now. Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller and Historical Sports Non-Fiction. As I kid I watched and read anything that was remotely connected to sci-fi so it was natural that I would have my own story ideas. I also read all of the Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories and wanted to write my own mysteries. Though I never dreamed of doing it, in 2016 I was invited to participate in two Doyle-style Sherlock Homes anthologies. As far as the sports non-fiction, I was a sports writer for nearly a quarter of a century, so writing two books about sports was a easy thing to do for me.

Thanks so much for stopping over and sharing with us.

I want to thank everyone for reading this and for checking one (or more) of my books. I'd love to hear from you either by e-mail, on my blog Scribe's Scribbles, on my Facebook page or on Twitter @Scribes Shade.

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