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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: July 09, 2015

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Current Release: Proposing to Preston, The Winslow Brothers #2 (The Blueberry Lane Series)

What's your book about?

Preston Winslow and Elise Klassan fall in love in New York City when Preston is a law student and Elise is a struggling off-off-Broadway actress. When fame and fortune change their circumstances overnight, will their romance be strong enough to keep them together when miles force them apart?

What should readers expect from you titles?

All of my books are emotional, character-driven romances with bumps in the road and a solid happily ever after! But my Blueberry Lane series was written to be much lighter than my “modern fairytales” so if you’re in the mood for easy breezy, go with Blueberry Lane…for an angst-fest, go with “modern fairytales”!

Which authors do you follow religiously?

Easy question. I am a huge fan of Mia Sheridan and Amy Harmon. Every book they release, I am first in line to read. I also LOVE Lauren Stewart, who also writes modern fairytales like I do. And I love Bella Andre’s Sullivan series and Carly Phillips’ Dares. I could go on and on…I’d better stop with those five!

What's next for you as an author?

This summer and fall I will be working on my final two Winslow Brothers novels, Crazy about Cameron and Campaigning for Christopher. And I can’t wait to start writing my next modern fairytale, Ginger’s Heart (inspired by Little Red Riding Hood) this fall!

Do you have a favorite or interesting reader meet moment?

Truth? I have never met any of my readers in person. Not yet. BUT! I am attending the RWA Literacy Signing in NYC this July, the San Francisco Golden Gate author signing this August, and the RT Readers and Writers Round-Up this October. I am SO EXCITED to finally met some of my readers and I bet I have 100 favorite/interesting reader moments in the very near future!!

If you could travel to another time, would you choose past or future or would you stick where you are at? And Why?

I am obsessed with Outlander (on Starz.) Positively obsessed. Although I don’t write Historic Romance, I love reading it. So, I guess I would choose to be a fly-on-the-wall in 1790s Scotland. I know that it would probably reek like hell and the gender inequality would have me seeing red after 24 hours, but I would try very hard to be swept away by the romance of it.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Two years ago, when I first started writing, I would have said that I was an introvert in real life, but an extrovert on-line. What has become interesting, however, is that over the past two years those two sides of my personality have gotten much closer. The first time I shared a kissing scene in my writing class two years ago, I had to stop reading mid-kiss, go to the bathroom and splash my cheeks with cold water because they were so hot…and when my IRL friends asked me about writing love scenes or the sexy times in my books, I’d blush and cringe and sometimes I’d even run away. Like physically get up and run to the bathroom! LOL! Now? People ask me about my love scenes and I say, “You mean…is there cock in my books? Yep. Some of them.” I mean, I actually SAID THAT last weekend at a party! WHOA!! Big change in my confidence and ownership of this career…and I credit that confidence to the support and enthusiasm I’ve found on line. Little by little, it’s pulling me out of my shell and gifting me with a filthy mouth.

Wrapping Up:

Thank you so much to my readers and to Night Owl for letting me stop by today!! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Proposing to Preston and happy reading!