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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: December 15, 2014

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Current Release: The Gay Gospel

What's your book about?

The Gay Gospel is the first-ever self-help book for gay 20something-year-old males. It is a light, fun, conversational, informative, and action-oritented read that shows today's gay 20somethings the possibilities they can open in their own lives by taking action and finding out what they want from life.

What should readers expect from you titles?

Expect to laugh. Expect to nod a lot and say "uh huh, yep... that makes sense." A lot of this information is not entirely new to the 20something brain, but it takes the thoughts they are considering and empowers them to act on those hunches that they are having.

What's your writing process like?

I start with a blank page and then I throw things on top of it. I am not really a planner or a plotter. I love to write by the seat of my pants and have my characters and stories surprise even me. I make a huge mess and end it and then go back and clean up the loose ends and muddled bits. And when I look back to do clean up, I am brutal. I'll drown whatever doesn't belong. I am ruthless. Exciting, adventurous, and then ruthless. It's such an absolute blast every time.

What books have you analyzed to help grow yourself as an author?

The three greatest writing books I have ever read are "On Writing" by Stephen King, "Bird By Bird" by Anne LaMott, and "How NOT To Write a Novel" by Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman. Each one is penetrating, touching, deep, honest, effective, and memorable even after years since reading. I owe these three books and their authors a ton of thanks.

What's next for you as an author?

The world is full of possibilities! I haven't decided yet. I think I might take a stab at an article for a new writing journal I just heard about earlier today. Or maybe I'll work on a horror novel. Or the sequel to this self-help book. The sky's the limit, right? Let's see where my jet pack takes me.

Getting a book to market often takes a village. Who has helped you on the way?

I have been helped by so many wonderful people. Over 100 people contributed to the Kickstarter campaign that funded this book. My friend Colby Duhon served as the editor for the Gospel. The folks at 52 Novels were responsible for the formatting of the eBook as well as the paperback. Isaiah Negron handled the back cover copy, which is more exquisite and accurate and encouraging than I could even write about myself. Emily LaBeaume has been my fearless publicist, even going as far as to suggest I do this interview! And finally, all of the guys I've met over the years who asked me for support or help, and those same people who are buying the book now. It doesn't take a village, I feel. It takes an endless universe. And I am so very thankful for the humanoids living in mine :)

What's your everyday life like? Do you write full-time or do you also hold another job?

I am a full-time gay nightlife party producer and promoter. I literally live my life among the gay 20somethings of New York City at six weekly events that I throw. I meet thousands of 20somethings every month. It is my career that inspired me to write this book. I wanted to support the community that has been supporting me for the past five years.

Wrapping Up:

Thanks so much for reading, guys! Stay tuned for a ton more from me. It only gets better from here.