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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: April 21, 2016

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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Cathrine Bybee and Julia London. On this page, you will find Julia's interview. You can find the Catherine Bybee interview by clicking here. Hi Julia. Awesome to have you on Night Owl Reviews. To get us started, Please give a description of your book.

Suddenly in Love is the story of how two strangers, Mia and Brennan, not only find themselves at a creative crossroads in their lives, but now suddenly in each other’s space. Mia Lassiter can’t cut it as an artist, and comes home to take up a gopher job in her aunt’s high-end interior design shop. While renovating a stunning old mansion on the shores of Lake Haven, she encounters a scruffy, grumpy man. Their personalities clash--Mia doesn’t know that Brennan is a famous rock star who has come home to regroup after a grueling tour and the loss of his best friend. He doesn’t know she is an artist with failed dreams. But that initial clash slowly turns to passion when they begin to connect on a deeper, more artful level…until reality comes crashing in. Mia discovers Brennan’s true identity, and the world discovers where he is. The glaring spotlight shines on the true issues between them, and it begins to look impossible for the lovers.

Under what circumstances is your heroine returning to her hometown?

Mia went off to school to study art. Several years after graduation, she has not established herself as an artist, and has had to take a job in textile design. Just as she receives word that the textile design studio gets word is closing, she gets a chance to intern with a famous artist—who tells her that she lacks talent. With no job and no art prospects, she is forced to go home to her parents.

How does your heroine feel about her return?

She is very unhappy about it. She feels like a failure. She studied hard, worked hard, and nearing thirty years old, she has nothing to show for all that work. She even has to borrow money from her brother to get home.

What does “home” mean to her?

It means defeat. It means being that high school girl everyone thought was weird and would never make it all over again.

What is she sacrificing going home again? What is she gaining?

She thinks she is sacrificing her freedom and true expression of self…but she discovers that is not necessarily true. She gains having her family around for support and the opportunity to sit back and re-examine what it is she wants out of life. She has been striving for something so long that she’s sort of forgotten how to look at other aspects of her life and discover what else floats her boat.

Do you have any similar experiences that you drew from to write this novel?

Once I left home at 18, I never returned to live with my parents. However, I do share some similarities with Mia. I finished college with a degree in government, then took a job with the federal government, which took me to Washington, DC, and eventually, a job at the White House. I thought that was what I wanted—until I actually began to do the work. I eventually came back to Texas and took another job in public administration which turned out to be even worse. I was young, and I could see many years of being bored out of my mind stretching before me and knew I couldn’t do that sort of work the rest of my life. Fortunately, I had enough experience and maturity to know I had to dig deep to know what it was that made me want to get to work every day. This is a very abbreviated version of how I became a writer, but like Mia, I didn’t know what I wanted until I found it.

It has been a pleasure to have you on NOR. Please feel free to add any additional information about your title!

There are more Lake Haven novels on the way! Suddenly Dating will be published in November, and I am currently working on Suddenly Engaged, which will be released next summer.

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