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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: October 17, 2017

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Hi J.T. Geissinger! Thanks for stopping over to chat with us.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee when my IBD is quiet, herbal tea when it isn’t. Hello, TMI!

Walk on the beach or hiking a mountain?

Walk on the beach. Hiking is like exercise, which is, like, ew.

Comedy or drama?

Both, preferably at the same time.

TV or books?

Books. Always.

Best movie you have watched in 2017 (so far)?

Baby Driver

Best romance you read in 2017 (so far)?

The Hating Game, by Sally Thorne

A book you wish you had written?

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Favorite romance trope to read?

Anything with a strong heroine who has a life before and after she falls in love.

Favorite romance trope to write?

Enemies to lovers.

Favorite place to write?

Propped up against two fat goosedown pillows in the four-poster, queen bed in room 19 at the Spanish Garden Inn in Santa Barbara. I’ve written four novels there, all of which were nominated for, or won, awards. It’s a magical place.

Your heroine that most closely resembles you?

A total mashup of Kat, Chloe and Grace from the Bad Habit series. Each of them is one major aspect of my personality.

A trait that all of your heroes must have?

Loyalty. Cheaters don’t have a chance with me.

A setting (city/region) you want to write about in the future?

Won’t know until I get there.

The actor and actress you used to physically model your H/h after in Burn For You?

Halle Berry for Bianca, no actor alive is sexy AND brooding enough to play Jax.

Your favorite scene from Burn For You?

Unfair. The whole book is my favorite scene.

A song that encapsulates the emotion of Burn for You?


What’s next?

World domination, then dessert.

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