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Date: August 23, 2016

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Hi Erin Nicholas! Thanks for stopping over. What is your book "Taking Chances" about?

"Taking Chances" is a new small-town contemporary series about the farming community of Chance, Nebraska. The town has been hit by EF4 level tornadoes two years in a row and, as people are coming home for their high school class reunion, the winds are picking up again. When yet another tornado hits, three couples are trapped together in different places around town and the close confines rekindle old feelings. Lots of old feelings! :) Afterward, they all work together to rebuild the town… and maybe get a second chance at love. "Twisted Up" is book one and emergency management specialist Jake Mitchell is trapped in a shed with fire chief Avery Sparks when the tornado hits. But a lot more than debris is stirred up by the storm!

What should readers expect from your titles?

A contemporary romance... no mentions of petticoats or Regency England or highlanders or pirates! Okay, the pirate thing isn't totally true but it was a fun, role-playing thing in... never mind!

Some hot, sexy scenes with the doors wide open! If you don't like sex scenes, dirty talk about body parts and other naughty words, you probably don't want one of my books :) (if you DO like those things... come on in!)

Humor and heart. My books are fun and sexy, but there are heartfelt moments as well. And there are always important secondary characters and lots of family and friends.

A happily ever after. Always. I promise.

Getting a book to market often takes a village. Who has helped you on the way?

Oh, I love this question! And the list is long! :) My family, immediate and extended. They are infinitely supportive and put up with a lot of crock pot dinners and take-out, dust bunnies and me forgetting everything from permission slips to appointments! My friends who know me in “real life” and love what I do for a living… and also keep me grounded and humble. They’re just as interested in my mom’s health and what I thought of a recent play as they are about my new book. My awesome agent Liz Rubinstein who believes in me no matter what and works so hard for me. My beta readers and cheerleaders. The girls who have been there from day one Lindsey and Kim. My best plotting partner, Nikoel. My team at Montlake, especially my editors Maria and Lauren. So many, many people!

Do you have a favorite or interesting reader meet moment?

Every reader meet is awesome. That real people are actually reading and loving my books is so surreal sometimes, so to meet them in person is amazing. I’ve had two amazingly fun reader get-togethers in Richmond, Virginia with my friend Mari Carr (and Shelli Stevens joined us last time). Those were awesome! I also had a fabulous dinner with a bunch of my street team girls in Cincinnati last fall. Some of them drove HOURS to come see me! I can’t tell you what that meant to me! And, even more, some husbands came along and put up with the whole thing! :) Oh, and then there was the time a reader’s daughter contacted me to get signed books for her mom as a surprise for her birthday. She video-taped her mom opening the gift and her awesome reaction! And a husband contacted me to get a photo of me to put on a reader’s birthday cake!! That was fun and very different! :)

What's a writing day like for you?

I’m really working on getting into a “typical day” routine but I’m failing at it spectacularly. I try to keep regular hours and make them reasonable—like 6-8 hours a day between writing and business stuff. But honestly? I work seven days a week most weeks and easily ten- twelve hour days. But it doesn’t feel like work! I can’t go more than a couple of days without writing and I really find it hard to stop!

What's next for you as an author?

I’m working on a super fun project called Finding Chris Evans with Erin McCarthy, Jennifer Bernard, Lizzie Shane, Jenn Stark and Elizabeth Bemis. Six stories about a woman searching for true love with a man named Chris Evans, thanks to a fortune teller’s prediction at a carnival! That will be out in October. Book two in the Taking Chances series is coming in January. And I’m starting another new series this year too. The Opposites Attract series is the Big Bang Theory in reverse… geeky girls and hot guys! Book one, Completely Yours, with gamer girl Kiera and hot EMT Zach, comes out in December.

About the Author

Erin Nicholas was fourteen when she first fell in love with love stories. Not long after that she started writing romances of her own, often spending family vacations in the backseat filling notebooks with stories. Now the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sapphire Falls series writes about women getting their happily ever after with humor, heart, and hope. From the fireworks of that first kiss to the thrill of passion, Nicholas strives to create novels that celebrate the magic of true love.

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