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Interview By: Night Owl Romance

Date: February 21, 2017

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Hi Cathy! Great to have you over to our little bookish world. Today we want to hear about your latest book, "The Pirate's Bride"! What's it about?

Following a disastrous Coming Out season, Sophie Bellard vows never to become intimate with any man, preferring to sail the seas like her father before her. But an arranged marriage to a dangerous pirate changes her course forever.

Captain Andre Dubois enjoys pillaging, plundering, and seducing women. Settling down and producing an heir to continue his lineage in the Confederation of Pirates has never been important to him. Only when his inheritance is threatened does he reluctantly take a wife, a dark-haired beauty hiding a disheartening secret.

After a ruinous wedding night, Andre and Sophie spurn the attraction that ignites between them and go their separate ways, seeking the lifestyles they each gave up, and making enemies along the way. But, in a twist of pirate fate, their paths cross again, and they rediscover that spark, only to have it threatened by someone from Andre’s past. Can they fight off a murderous adversary, and rekindle an attraction too strong to be extinguished by time? Or, has it, and luck, run out for these two pirates?

What is your writing place like?

I write in several places. My favorite place is in the family room, where the fireplace is. I get up in the morning, light the fire, and then sit with my cup of tea and my dog, and write. I also have an office where I can write when the rest of the house gets too noisy.

When it comes to your first draft, do you write via computer or notepad? or Both?

I type my first draft on my laptop. I love the ease of a computer. However, I do outline the book first on paper, with a pencil, and do the same with the subsequent chapters. I write down everything I'd like to see happen in the chapter. Then, I write. Sometimes not all the events get in that chapter, so they drop to the next one. Using a pencil helps organize my thoughts.

Do you have any kids? Has your writing inspired them to read / write?

I have two sons. One is in the army. He never liked writing, and I don't think that has changed, though he does help me with technical aspects when I ask him. My other son is studying to become a teacher. He likes to read, and is very good at writing. I go to him when I need a specific word, or weapon. And, I ask both of them about a man's pov on romance. I'm sure they are holding back when they answer!

What's next for you as an author?

I have a novella sequel entitled A Pirate's Bride Christmas coming this fall from Literary Wanderlust Publishing, and I am in the midst of finishing up a contemporary romantic suspense called Protecting the Nanny, which will be published by Entangled Publishing sometime next year.

Do you have any pets? If yes, do your pets play a part in your writing?

I have a wonderful, tri-color Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) named Scooter. He will be four years old in April, and I can't imagine writing without him. He keeps me company in the morning while I write, and even acts a little jealous if someone else gets up during that time and talks with me. It's our special time of togetherness.

What genres do you write in and what inspired you to write in these genres?

I write in contemporary romantic suspense, and historical romance, because I like the extra elements that are added to their plots. I have always loved reading these two genres, so it was natural that when I wanted to write, I chose them.

Thanks for hanging out with us.

Thank you so much for letting me share a little bit about myself. I love meeting and hearing from readers who have read and enjoyed my work.

I hope you will pick up a copy of either "Prisoner of Love", or "The Pirate's Bride", and let me know what you think in the form of reviews. They are worth more than any monetary value. Thank you for spending time with me!